Sigma Kabuki Brush Review

As a teenager, and I used shitty cheap synthetic black plastic bristle type brushes. It wasn't until I had my first quality make up brush (it was made of sable hair) a few years ago that I realised how pampering a good brush feels on the skin. And make up is applied much better with a good brush. So, since then, no more shitty brushes for me!
Last week, I got my very first Sigma Brush. It is the flat top synthetic kabuki . They have 8 brushes in the Sigmax Synthetic Collection.
This Kabuki brush looks fab and is well made. I love the long handle, it feels comfortable to use. And the brush has a nice glossy finish. Very professional looking :)
Why Synthetic?? This brush is made of Synthetic Sigmax HD filament. I do loooove natural hair (sable/ pony hair) because they are ultra plush on the skin. But you can't use natural hair brushes to apply liquids (such as liquid foundations or make up bases) because natural hairs absorb a lot of the product. This affects application as well as causes big wastage.
Good quality synthetic fibres make this brush feel soft on the skin. It applies liquid foundation without streaking because the bristles are dense and stiff enough to hold up to the foundation. The end result is a very airbrushed finish.
I also use it as an all over face powder brush. Great for the forehead, and cheeks as it covers a large area quickly. It buffs and blends the powder onto my face easily.After use, i dust off the excess and slip on the plastic cover that came with the brush, it helps keep my brush in shape. I wash my brushes about once a week ( if I am hardworking) using just my face cleanser.

Best part is... good quality brushes can set you back over $100 a pop easily. This Sigma Kabuki brush is only USD$16 from the Sigma Beauty website and they ship worldwide. With proper care, you can easily keep your brushes for years.

Here's Sigma's video Tutorial on their synthetic brush range.


  1. Hi, may I know the brand of your face powder? I have been looking for something like that for a while now. =)Thank in advance!

  2. the powder is Maquillage aura beauty -


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