Can't Even Fix A Damn Date

So, we went down to my short listed venue last Saturday afternoon to have a look at the layout and space. I LOVE IT!!! Perfect for what I envision my ceremony and dinner to be like.

And David likes the venue too. The wedding will be this year. But we have not decided on a date yet, it's damn hard to juggle dates around and see when it is best for everyone. Set on one date, piss some people off. Set on another date, inconvenience other people. Set on this date, this other group not happy.

Some people are telling us to just set the date, and if invited guests want to come, they will come. You cannot please everyone and it's Your's and David's big day. You are marrying each other, and not marrying your guests.

Which makes perfect sense... cos it does feel rotten to be in limbo while waiting to see when would be a good time for every else ... except us. We just feel it would be selfish of us to set a date which we know is not good for some people. Yet we are finding trouble finding a date that suits every one.

Nothing can get done this way. And I really have my heart set on this venue. So if we dilly dally, and then it gets fully booked. I will be super pissed off and really kick a shit. I don't know at who though.. cos it will be no one's fault but our own. But yeah, there will be one major bitch tantrum from me.... either that or I will burst out in tears. Not sure how exactly I am going to take it.

We kind of decided on December... but if by the time we go to book the venue, and December is fully booked (very likely) then probably a Saturday in November then. I heard in the wedding forums that most hotel's December 2012 banquets fully booked already. :(

If it were just up to me, I would set a date right now. Get the venue booked, then get the Justice of Peace secured (Can't get married if we can't book a JP for the damn date now can we?!), then let people know the confirmed date early so they know when to expect it, especially since half our guests will be from overseas.

Then I can relax and just slowly work towards getting things done gradually, working towards the set date. It's really quite simple... but how come it got so complicated?


  1. Yeah, you can't please everyone but of course you don't want half of your wedding day invited guests not to be able to make it. Unless you don't intend to have any guests else definitely have to find a day where most people can make it. If i wanna celebrate my birthday i also have to ensure everyone can make it, i can't be having it all by myself, that's not a celebration.

  2. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Girl, why make your life so difficult ! It is so basic ! Most important people that need to be there are immediate family, and his best man. On your side, the same...and your maid of honor. Everyone else will try to make it if they can. You are losing precious time if you are waiting to accommodate everyone. And you haven't booked your venue !!!!!! Do you realize that it's Feb already ? What about everything else !!??

  3. Anonymous9:49 pm


    everything will be fine:)

  4. Anonymous12:34 am

    It's utterly selfish of your guests to expect you to work your wedding schedule around them. It is your wedding, not theirs.

    Utterly selfish.

    Fix a date that you and your partner want, not what other people want.

  5. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Just do it!


  6. Anonymous7:48 am

    1) Discuss on a date which both of you are comfortable with.
    2) Set a date (or alternative dates just in case your venue had been booked and you really love the place!)
    3) Book Venue (impt!!!)
    4) Find your wedding dress, others like car decorations, flowers, photographers'contacts will come along...
    5) Send "Save the date" to everyone. (rule of thumb: 20 ppl than what you expect, as some of them will miss your wedding due to some unforseen circumstances)
    6) go for regular facials and massages.
    7) Send wedding cards a month before the wedding.
    8) Rest and relax...(the nearer the date, the less impatient you will it's important to keep that in mind)
    9) Enjoy the day! Even if there's hiccups along the way, let it be.

    My hubby proposed to me in May and we started planning our wedding stuff and off we go, married in Dec!

    I always thought that I would need at least a year to prepare...geesh!

    Fortunately for me, my hubby did all the planning and bookings.

    This is your day!


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