Hong Kong Disneyland - Getting there & Staying There

Getting There...
My brother and I flew from Singapore to Hong Kong in just a little over 3 hours.
Last time I visited Hong Hong and stayed in town and I took the Airport Express (train). The Airport express costs approx 80HKD per person. But since Disneyland is so close to the airport, my brother and I hopped into a taxi and the fare came up to 120HKD (that's about SGD20).
We had 2 nights at Disney's Hollywood Hotel. Which is one of 2 Hotels at Disneyland. The other Hotel is the Disneyland Hotel but it was already fully booked.
Disney's Hollywood Hotel has a retro + Mickey Mouse theme. It feels like you're blasted back into Hollywood circa the 50s or 60s. In the time of JFK and Marilyn Monroe.
Our room was on the 9th floor. And it had unobstructed views of the hotel grounds and the sea.
The first thing that struck me about this twin room was that it had 2 big beds instead of just 2 single beds. It's a family sized room, perfect for couples with young children.
It has all the comforts and amenities one would expect of a 4Star hotel. From bedroom slippers to hair dryer.
And their toiletrie kit comes in a cute reusable Disney packaging!
In addition to all that, I was surprised to find little bits of cuteness all around my room... like face towels wrapped up to be the Little Green Man.
Both hotels and of course Disneyland Park itself has shops where you can find anything and everything Disney.This is the Toy Story shuttle bus in front of the Disneyland Hotel. The whole place is like one giant utopian resort. You can easily travel between the hotels and Disneyland Park via the free shuttle bus so you never feel limited when it comes to places to eat!

Here are the places I have eaten at...

Buffet Breakfast at Enchanted garden
This restaurant is the the Disneyland Hotel. Its set up is truly enchanting. It has glass ceilings and beautiful white pillars. Eating here really makes one feel like they're in a fairy tale land.
The buffet spread is great. You have chinese and western selections, and plenty of fruit and fresh juices.
The pancake and waffles are Mickey Mouse shaped.
I filled my plate with my favourite sausages, bacon and eggs first, and then went back to try the other stuff.

The highlight of having breakfast at the Enchanted Garden has to be meeting the Disney characters. Mickey Mouse, Daisy Duck and Pluto made an appearance when i was having breakfast.
There's no need to rush or queue to see them, they go to every table. I love Pluto, he's so playful!

Buffet Breakfast at Chef Mickey
The next day's breakfast was at Chef Mickey, which is at Disney's Hollywood hotel itself. It was a more casual setting than the Enchanted Garden.
They had a good selection of food including sausages, bacon and eggs, and dim sum but this time I decided to have some Indian curries and popadums instead.

Dim Sum at Crystal Lotus

Crystal Lotus is a Chinese restaurant at the Disneyland Hotel. It serves yummy dim sum and Chinese cuisine.
The first dish was a Pomelo Salad with Smoked Duck Breast.
Followed by a Disney Special Dim Sum platter. Cuteness!! There's Little Green Men Pork and Vegetable bun, Three Little Pigs Barbecue Pork Bun and Mickey Mouse seafood glutinous pancake.
Braised Conpoy and Fish Maw Soup with Chives. Yummy! Like sharks' fins, only much less sinful. :)
Wok-Fried Shrimps, Young Vegetables and Cashews. The shrimps were so plump and delicious.Sweet and Sour Chicken with Peach. I love the sweet and sour tangy taste and the chicken was tender.
Diced Chicken and Preserved Vegetables Fried Rice. By this point, I was already very full.. but I kept eating because it was too tempting!
Lastly, we were served the "Duffy" Steamed Lotus and Red Bean buns. I was wondering who "Duffy" was until I saw him in the Disney Gift shop. Oh! That's Duffy!! :D

Main Street Corner Cafe
In the Disneyland Park itself there are many many places to eat too. You have carts selling popcorn, drinks and candy, you have food court styled places, burger places and you also have many themed restaurants.
The Main Street Corner Cafe, as the name suggests, is at the corner of Main Street in the Disneyland park. It is a quaint little bistro that's very busy... ... after looking at their menu, I know why they're so busy! Pastas, steaks, seafood! Yum! Both my brother and I had the Surf & Turf (HKD285) which consisted of a small 5 ounce tenderloin, and half a grilled lobster with holandaise sauce. It was the tastiest lobster I've ever ever ever eaten!For dessert, I shared the Cheesecake Trio with my brother. They were creamy and light. My favourite was the mango cheesecake.

Walt's Cafe
On our last night at Disneyland, we were treated to a special evening at Walt's Cafe, in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. Walt's Cafe is exudes an exclusive and posh charm with its warm lighting, dark wood floors and furniture.
The set dinner that we had consisted of 4 courses, starting with a Marinated Scallop and Artichoke Salad with Parmesan Shavings. I love Scallops, this was the first time I was eating it prepared this way. It was very flavourful.
Next was the Porcini Mushroom Soup with Truffle Aroma Cream. Mmmm... there was a strong and rich taste and smell of truffles. The soup was nice and creamy with generous chunks of mushroom in it.
For my main course, I had the Pan Fried Cod Fillet with Miso Crab Roe Sauce and foam of Champagne and Mini Eggplant, Cherry Tomatoes and Pumpkin Puree.
My brother chose a different main course. His was the Slow-Roasted Supreme of Guinea Fowl on a Rosemary Sauce and Red Current Jam with Braised Savoy Cabbage, Almond Potato. I pinched a bit of his food, ohhh, guinea fowl is so succulent!
And for dessert, the Rosemary Almond Apple Tart with Creme Brulee Ice Cream. I love Creme Brulee! So I was delighted to have it as an ice cream flavour. This dessert is definitely for those with a sweet tooth.
A nice relaxing dinner with my brother was the perfect end to our day which was jam packed with adventure and fun in Disneyland.

The MTR - Disneyland Station
The next morning, we checked out of our hotel and took the shuttle bus to the MTR station at Disneyland Park. It cost us HKD13 each to get the MTR to Tung Chung (Citygate). I love the ride from Disneyland to Sunny Bay station (where we change to the Tung Chung line). The Disneyland train has plush comfy seats and it has Mickey Mouse shaped windows and hand grips. Oh so cute!My next Disneyland post coming right up is all about the park and it's many attractions!!

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  1. Dear HJ,

    can you tell me how much does it cost for the buffet breakfast for day 1 and day 2? I am going HK in feb and I've got a day to spend at disney.


    Kinda belated but: GRATS ON THE ENGAGEMENT!!!! WEEEeeeeeeeee!

    Your supporter always :P

  2. Hi qiqi... i recommend the enchanted garden for bfast as its more exclusive. n u get to see disney characters. ur kids will love it.

    i dont hv the prices for those. do contact the disneyland hotel to enquire, reservations needed anywau. cant just walk in n eat. :)

  3. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Holly, u look radiant!! There is a glow in your face n i wish you happiness in your marriage:)


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