Film Snap's PICK Digital Toy Camera

Product Review
PICK Toy Digital Camera from FilmSnap. Retails at :SGD $108
I love the way it looks... a cheery yellow that's just bright as bananas... (it also comes in other colours... red... blue... green.. loads more)
And it's a teeny weeny toy camera.. just slightly bigger than a thumbdrive. It can hold up to 16GB microSD card. Below are some samples of photos I took with my PICK camera at Disneyland over the weekend...
In outdoor lighting, it works best, and can capture good colours.
These taken indoors... during lunch
Pretty clear pics of faces, however, the camera does not have a screen or a viewfinder so you have to get used to that. You might end up cropping things out of the photo by accident when you snap close ups... but that's all part of the fun and experimenting. Just takes practice.

The shutter speed is not very fast... so I click and hold the camera still for a couple seconds for the best results. Especially if the object is moving... like during this Disney parade.
This is me using the PICK camera on the Jungle River Cruise...
And here's the exact picture I took with the PICK camera in the moment above... :)
It's an easy camera to use... while I would not rely on it solely for documenting important occasions like a wedding or something... I would definitely keep it in my handbag, or hang it on my keyring to take with me where ever I go... It's a toy digital camera perfect for fun and surprises.
Uploading the photos is easy as it has a direct USB output on the side of the camera.

Of course, picture quality wise.. don't expect it to match the ones from your DSLR.. but bear in mind also that this little baby probably weighs about the same as your DSLR's lens cap!
Click here to check out all the Toy Digital Camera's at Film Snap. :) If you're interested in film ones... they cool lomo and quirky cameras too, and polaroids and film rolls!

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