Love My Hair!

Curls one month, and Shiny straight hair the next. Anything is possible now with the advanced technology at Jean Yip Hairdressing.
I remember a time when my girlfriend dyed her hair and then rebonded it on the same day... I can't remember where it was but the salon aunty totally fried her hair! So I always thought you can't do 2 chemical treatments too close together.

But because Jean Yip Hairdressing is a forerunner in Singapore when it comes to the latest products and technology, anything is possible now.

Plus at Jean Yip, the trained professionals will be able to advise if what you want to do is suitable for your hair type and condition... so no worries... you're in safe hands.

I wanted to go back to having straight hair for Christmas. So they suggested having Soft Straightening done, which is less harsh than rebonding.

Alvin who did this process for me was gentle and monitored my hair every step of the way, he is such a perfectionist! This is especially important because I just did a digital perm a month ago... and if I go to some place where they do not know what they're doing, I will likely damage my hair permanently.

After the Soft Straightening, I also had the Nano Keratine Treatment, which I LOVEEEEE.
Nano meanning ultra tiny particles. Hair is made up of Keratin and adding nano Keratin to hair will thicken and even repair damaged parts of the hair. This treatment makes my hair smoother and stronger too.
And they finished my visit off with a herbal ginseng scalp treatment to keep dandruff away. This red lamp helps to calm my sensitive scalp and aids the repair process. It has helped my scalp remarkably ever since I first had this treatment 2 months ago. I'm glad I don't flake now!
Here's the end result... it's smooth, shiny and straight.
I know many of you prefer the curls (my boyfriend included), but I am just a fuss free, straight hair kind of girl. Still, it was fun to have curls for a while, no regrets. :)

$388 nett for all hair length (UP: $566 and above)
service includes: super shine retexturizing straight/ thermal curl + super shine hair treatment (nano keratin) + professional hair cut + home care hair mask + $88 ang bao hair service voucher
offer is valid from now till 22nd Jan 2012
terms and conditions apply.

You can call: 63329919 for more info on services

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  1. Anonymous8:31 pm

    It looks really fried!

  2. Anonymous12:12 am

    Looks super shiny and glossy to me!

    Anon 8.31pm, you should read -

  3. Anonymous5:48 pm

    i prefer the curls :( you looked so feminine and pretty in it, not that you don't in straight hair though.

    but curls makes you appear much much younger! straight hair makes you appear to be in yr mid thirties whereas curls makes you look abt 25 :)

  4. Anonymous10:18 am

    To be very honest, it looks fried. I'm not being jealous or anything. Am I the only truthful one around here? It's quite puzzling to me how anyone could think that looks shiny and healthy.

  5. You've just commented on a post written like 2years ago...

    My hair is like this now


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