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I love The Everyday Life Store for the breath of fresh air it brings. They sell everything from clothes, bags, shoes and even quirky Lifestyle Goods for your house.
To me, shopping at their site is like going into Muji, except with more colour and a smaller price tag.
I love their crochet/lace apparel. I love their moodbook which gives style inspiration.
Their focus is not on bulk but on character and quality. Every piece tells a story. If you like vintage inspired and retro stuff, they have a good selection of these too.

But it is most perfect for just filling up your everyday life with comfort, practicality and a little twist of quirkiness. I love it.
Their clothes are not your run of the mill blogshop stock from Thailand type designs. They have very unique designs. Trendy and yet not common looking. Product photographs and descriptions are clear. What you see is what you get.
Shoes there are cute!!! Love their blue candy shoes with the tri-colour buckle straps.
And their bags!! If you love wicker/basket weave type bags, you can find some very romantic and feminine designs here.
Their range of accessories include jewellery, watches, belts and scarves.
If you like decorating your house or are looking for a gift for someone (housewarming!) their lifestyle goods will delight you. From retro rotary phones to polka dot tea pots and even little grass lawn animals which are suitable for indoors because it's synthetic. Cute! Will get some for the balcony of my new home. (Will be ready about March 2012!)
To mark their first anniversary on the 8th of January, there's an 18% discount on all items from 4th January to 10th January.

Just Quote
at the Redemption Code section upon checking out and the discount will be applied to the total bill.

You will definitely find something to love at The Everyday Life Store. Go pick out all your favourite stuff!

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  1. Anonymous10:07 pm

    your new home in march 2012?! how are you able to get an apt so fast? do tell! not from hdb right?

  2. well.. on paper it's June 2012.. but it looks about finish so am guessing March 2012. Bought like 4 months ago... so abt 1 year wait for it to be built. not hdb. (hdb must wait like 3 years????)

  3. CeLesTina9:16 am

    Wooo... Engaged, new house.. everything seems so awesome for u Holly! : ) Happy 4u!

    But u nvr share with us how u knw yr darling.. well nt tat i'm kapo, but thats wat u usually do rite?
    : p

  4. well, we met at a dinner at chijmes one day.


  5. Anonymous1:19 pm

    urgh! been waiting for launches from hdb for like a yr and still waiting!! and for it to be built another 3 yrs yeah.. did you get a condo?

  6. Anonymous2:14 pm

    heard tht hdb TBO is in a few wks time

  7. Anonymous2:14 pm


  8. Dear respected Miss Holly,

    I just saw your dreadful date with Steven Lim. Honestly, I nearly fell off the chair as the whole thing was so hilarious!
    How was it possible that you tolerated him? I get this icky feeling when I watch his videos, and I simply couldn't finish watching the entire thing.
    Just out of curiosity, do you know who you were suppose to meet before the date?
    Sorry, I don't mean no disrespect. But the whole thing was really hilarious!

  9. It's not disrespectful tht u found it hilarious. That's the whole point.. to entertain.

    yes I knew it was going to be steven lim as my date. and tht was the first time getting to know him. But i knew it wasnt going to be a possible BF or what la... it was more like a date to test Steven's dating skills out.

  10. Anonymous9:02 pm

    from 1:19 to 2:14 the next BTO launch IS in a few weeks unfortunately not the locations i want =/

  11. Dear Miss Holly,
    And you participated?? Sincerely, I really didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I watch his videos. But all said and done, hats off to you for your courage and being such a good sport!

    Chee Hung


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