Watsons New Collagen Range

Product Review
Amino acid proteins are the building blocks needed for healthy firm skin. The ones that are most important include; collagens, keratins and hyaluronic acid.
(I Digress a bit) ... Just had my wisdom tooth removed yesterday. Right side is swollen. Anyway, I seldom take pics of myself without make up, and without eyelashes on. So here is one I can show u since I took a picture of my tooth yesterday. (Don't mind the bloody wisdom tooth lol). Mom even commented when she was accompanying me to the dentist, how come I go out so "dirty looking".. I'm like.. "Mom! I'm worried shitless and am about to have dental surgery... I don't care about how I look today."

OK... back on topic... I learnt from Dr. Oz that you can't put collagen into your skin by eating it. Collagen is a protein and when you eat it, your stomach juices will break it down. There are other benefits to consuming Collagen health drinks, because there are other vitamins and nutrients in there... but no, the collagen in there does not go directly to your skin through oral consumption. So you can either apply it directly into your skin or inject it in (ouch!! No jabs for me please!!). I just received the new Watsons Collagen products, which are all part of the Watsons Collagen skincare range. These product is made from natural Collagen from Germany. They are priced very affordably from $3.90 to $21.90 each.

I expected this range to smell fruity/citrusy but it actually has more of a powdery smell (if that makes any sense to you). That's about the only drawback for me (small drawback).. as I prefer products with no smell at all. Everything else about this range, I love!

There's the Brightening Cleansing Foam and Hydrating Toner. But I want to highlight the Brightening Peeling Cleanser. It's almost like a scrub.. gets rid of top layer of dead cells and impurities... but it does not have a scrubbing action on your skin. So I find this much more gentle way to exfoliate.

It contains fine keratin softener to gently remove dead and rough skin. It has natural collagen essence, it retains moisture and boosts hydration level of skin after cleansing. Two thumbs up!!For moisture, there is the Day Cream, Night Cream and Eye Cream. One unique item from this range is the Moisturising Sleeping Mask. This mask has a light and non-greasy texture. It contains Hyaluronic Acid WSK and soothing Allantion, it helps to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin while you sleep.. and you just wash it off in the morning. Don't worry it's not a gluggy messy type of mask.

For the body, there is the Body Lotion and Hand Cream. The body lotion is light, and spreads easily. It also does a fabulous job of moisturising my dry skin. My only gripe once again is that I wish it didn't have any scent. But most body lotions do! I guess better have this pleasant scent than a yucky strong perfume scent!

For extra care, this range has the Whitening & firming facial mask which comes in a pack of 6 sheet masks, and the Intensive Renewal Facial Treatment.
I love sheet masks. I slap one on almost everytime I am just working on the computer... like right now. It's an easy, fuss free way to pamper my skin without having to step out of the house to get a facial.

The Intensive Renewal Facial Treatment comes in a pack of 4 vials. It helps replenish collagen, leaving skin firm and elastic. Formulated with hydrating and firming factor DPHP, it can intensively nourish skin, leaving skin moisturised and brightened. I have yet to try this product out. Will start soon. You're supposed to just apply a few drops and massage into your face... for 28 days. Maybe I'll start tonight. Sounds like it couldn't hurt! :)


  1. Anonymous11:10 am

    What contact lens are you wearing? U look like a doll in the first pic.

  2. I've had that same lens for like years already. Geo lens, nudy quarter grey.

  3. Anonymous5:30 pm

    eww...you look like marilyn manson in the first pic.

  4. but i heard that collagen's molecules is too big to be absorbed into the skin. I think at most it moisturize the skin only


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