Permed My Hair!

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Went to Jean Yip Hairdressing again last Thursday to get a perm. Leslie recommended their Super Shine Thermal Curl. It's a digital perm, but the curls are soft and glossy... not stiff and dry like most other perms.
Fed up of my straight hair! But have always been sitting on the fence when it comes to perms... I don't want a head full of curls.
The whole process took about 3 hours. Super Shine Thermal Curl uses a special retexturizing gel. This gel is a milder way to break up bonds in the hair. It also opens up hair cuticles to enable absorption of Nano Keratin.
All rolled up and plugged in to the digital perm machine thingy!!! With the right amount of heat infused, hair becomes permanently mended and coated with nano keratin on the curls, giving it the extra elasticity and shine.
Unveiling the curls.....
Finishing off with the Super Shine treatment. It uses liposome technology giving the hair even longer lasting effects of luster and curls without excessive chemical perming.
Tadah!!! Super soft, natural looking and shiny curls!! It makes me look more feminine, I feel.

If you're want to know who did my perm for me, it's Shirley at Jean Yip, Plaza Singapura branch. OK.. now fingers crossed I maintain it properly and don't ruin her hard work!

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  1. Love the curls, babe!

  2. Anonymous12:20 am

    looking really beautiful and feminine in the curls!! glad you finally got them done :D


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