An Evening with IKEA

On Wednesday evening, I went down to IKEA Tampines. I've been there many times before, infact, my bedroom has clothes rails, a desk, mirrors and bed from IKEA.

But this time round, they allowed me a behind the scenes look at IKEA. How they operate, their philosophy and purpose.... the very things that make IKEA... IKEA!

Here are the pics I took that evening...

You can VIEW more pics at IKEA's Facebook Page. Don't forget to Like it! :D

Loads of things I want to share with you about IKEA... beyond the swedish meatballs, trendy catalogues and Billy Bookcases. (ALL of which I LOVEEEE) But I will focus on one thing at a time to share with you.

The first thing I want to share... is that IKEA cares.
IKEA cares about its customers.
IKEA's prices are low, not because the furniture is cheapo... but because they work towards passing cost savings on to customers. They do this by waste reduction, economies of scale, minimal packaging, in-house designs and automatic selling (I love that IKEA is not a store where sales people bug you and become your shadow!).

IKEA cares about children.
$1 Euro from every soft toy sold goes to Save The Children programmes and Unicef. Unicef helps children all around the world get the education they need. Did you know that IKEA is the biggest corporate donor to Unicef each year?

IKEA cares about the environment.
Their recycling efforts reach the young too. Kids can take their unwanted newspaper there and earn smallish Dollars. It's like play money.
IKEA and WWF work together to tackle problems such as illegal logging.
Carbon footprints are reduced. When it comes to materials used and packaging, the entire IKEA design process aims at creating products that leave a minimum impact on the environment. Did you know that IKEA sells energy saving bulbs at the lowest cost?

I could have shared with you the wonderful new designs of furniture at IKEA this season, or the Live Christmas trees which will go on sale at the end of November... but the fact that IKEA is a company which gives so much back to people and the environment really hit home with me on this visit there. Next IKEA post I will share with you pretty stuff and wonderful home designs!

Special thanks to Alvin and Munz for being wonderful guides that evening.


  1. Anonymous7:36 pm

    I used to work in Ikea as a part-timer. After signing the bond with NIE, I had to quit working. I really miss working there. =( My colleagues are fun and nice people. And Roger, the manager, occasionally make his rounds in the departments and make it a point to interact with us. Really friendly guy! But I heard he quit already.


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