5 Things You Must Not Do In The Bedroom

When you reach a comfortable level with your partner, you no longer hold on to your inhibitions. You may stop caring about looking your absolute best, you may even start farting in bed and pulling a Dutch Oven on your woman (that's when you burry her under the covers after you've farted under them!) but there are certain things one should never do in the bedroom.

5. Pressure
Maybe you want to try a new position or a new adult toy or whatever. You should express your desire to your partner but be prepared that he/she might decline. If your partner declines, let it go. Don’t sulk or try to emotionally manipulate your partner into doing whatever it is you want to do. Not only is it extremely annoying, but it will also make them feel like their opinion isn't valid..

4. Blame
If things do go so smoothly in bed, do not blame your partner, especially when you know it's your own fault. A sincere apology will more likely be met with affection and compassion ... I had a HK bf in the past who had problems getting it up (9 out of 10 times), and he always blamed me for it. After a few months, I realised it was indeed a physical problem and he was probably embarrassed, but instead of being honest, he rather I be made to feel bad about it.

3. Get Rough
The bedroom is no place for aggression. Everything that happens in a couple's bedroom should always be consensual. If your partner seems hesitant, slow down, communicate, make sure you’re on the same page. Boobs are not meant for extreme squeezing... neither are balls.

2. Compare
It is very rude and insensitive to compare your partner with an ex. Under no circumstance should you say things like, "Oh, [insert ex's name] used to do this like that." Guide your partner without comparing with someone else, especially if that someone is an ex girlfriend of yours!

1. Go to Bed Angry
We've heard this one before, and it is true. Couples should never go to bed angry. You should always hash it out and reach some sort of truce before you retire for the night. Not only is going to bed angry unhealthy for your relationship but trying to sleep with an unresolved issue it may difficult! Plus... you'd never know what might happen while you're fast asleep (think Lorena Bobbit)!


  1. confused2:37 pm

    things are more complicated between my bf and i, my (sexual?) attraction towards him is decreasing as time goes on. recently we were in his room together; on bed, door locked, but the only thing going through my mind is for him to get his hands off me. he has no prior experience with r/s and can act really childish at times.. on the other hand i've dated men much older than me and i really enjoy their companionship.

  2. Anonymous10:37 pm

    difficulty getting it up meaning the d*ck just couldnt stand?


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