Scotland and All That Bacon

I'm Bacccck! Spent the last 2 weeks in Scotland. It was a mini holiday and for me to meet his parents too. Spent the first couple of days in Glasgow, then Stonehaven for a weekend, then Aberdeen for a week and back to Glasgow again before we flew home.

Here are some pics from my trip in random order (because if I drag them around to arrange them, you won't be able to click on the pics to enlarge them)

We flew to Dubain and then to Glasgow.. by the time we got to Glasgow, I was exhausted Didn't fly with contact lenses (too drying)... wore my Crizal glasses (by the way, Crizal is giving away 5 pairs! Click here to enter contest)
I had a busy day before we flew off... I woke up early to go film the food and wine tasting video for Wine For Asia before going to the airport for a long haul flight (seemed a good idea.. at the time!) ... (Click here to watch it) . My loot from Primark Glasgow. I took 1 hour... and spent 36pounds. In retrospect... I should have grabbed more stuff.. but it was so packed.
When we were in Aberdeen, it was hot and sunny! Best autumn week ever. It was only when we drove back to glasgow the following week.. that the weather got shitty.

By the river in Dyce. My knit top is from MillyWalker. The river is a short walk from his parent's house. Dyce is very peaceful.

So comfy :)

One of David's favourites... Stovies and beetroot.

This is the curry dinner we had on my birthday.

These are fishcakes... I admit.. not tht nice, I only ordered them because they had sweet chilli sauce... and I was missing my chilli sauce. Ketchup is shite!

Dunnotar Castle... I might have spelt it wrongly. The harbour area at StoneHaven. So Pretty!!!

The drive to StoneHaven...

Lovely weather!

This is back in Glasgow, on the West end where we spent our first couple of days in Scotland. My pink Swallow dress is from Milly Walker. I wore winter tights underneath, and my pink Whooga UK Boots..

We stayed at a boutique hotel in the west end called the Belhaven.

Then after we got over Jetlag (barely).. we drove to Aberdeen.

another look at my whoogas.

This is some protest in Glasgow... on my way to Primark... :)

Brunch... cumberlands and mash....

snooty brunch... scallops.. my favourite.... (well.. one of)

Fair Ground at Aberdeen beach...

My new favourite Crisps... and Tennent's Beer.

Another shot of Dunnotar castle..

This was my breakfast almost every day in Aberdeen.... Scottish Creakfast at ASDA's.. cheap.. and made me so happy.... plus got my favourite Lucozade which I miss so much!


  1. The breakfast is making me hungryyyy

  2. Anonymous2:00 pm

    You should rotate some of those pictures.

  3. Anonymous8:52 am

    hi Jean, May I check is the UGG boots u wearing the Tall Classic? How much did you pay? Thanks much!


  4. Mine were sponsored, but here are the details on it as well as links to the site it is from -


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