Quick Ways to Lose a First Date

The days leading up to your first date can actually make or break your date. Lots of men don't know this but they can sabotage their date even before they go on it! Here is a list of the top 5 ways men can lose a date... before it even begins! (Pic above: hat, tank and skirt from ClubCouture)

1. Talk about your ex

So you've been through a bad break up *cue the violins*. Telling her all about it isn't going to make you come across as a sentimental or sensitive new age kind of guy, instead it is going to scream BAGGAGE!!

2.Tell her what to wear
Whether it's a joke, or you really have a thing for women in high heels (or whatever), do not attempt to tell a woman what to wear before the first date. I once had a date tell me, 'Oh, wear high heels. I have a thing for women in high heels." *wink-wink-nudge-nudge* What was he thinking?! I would probably have turned up in high heels anyway (if he hadn't mentioned them!!). But now that he TOLD ME, he came across as a real creepazoid... so I cancelled the date.

3. Being extravagant
Some men make grand gestures like buying a date an expensive gift or sending her a huge bouquet before they even meet for the first time. I know you may have had good intentions but it is inappropriate and may be read as an attempt to buy her affection.

4. Showing off Your Body
Once I had a guy MMS me a photo of himself naked. He was hot, yes, very hot in fact... but it is a turn off when a man sends a girl such personal pictures even before they are a couple. First, it makes you seem too full of yourself, secondly, it makes her think that you 're sending these type of pics to all other women, not just us.
Don’t  send us (or hint to us that you have) - washboard abs, cute bum, muscular arms, big penis.. whatever.. just keep it to yourself. When we find out about any of these things in time to come (and we will)... then it's like ... bonus!

5. Keep Postponing the First Date
In this day and age where everything and everyone is more accessible online via chats, Skype, messenger and even just emails, it is easy to get carried away with it all. Don't just maintain phone/internet conversations with her and think that you are making wonderful progress. You are not.

Just go on a real date. Only then can you both ascertain if you really like each other, instead of wasting weeks in exchanging SMSs or chatting on MSN. If you keep procrastinating, one of you (more likely her) will start dating someone else. There are just too many options out there! She won't wait for you forever... in fact, the hotter the girl is, the less time she will spend waiting. You snooze, you lose.


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(this pic below taken by LittleMissRabbit photography, make up by TheStyleAtelier)

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  1. hey holly. recently had an experience with a highly deluded guy - you know the kind who reads too much into your actions and then believes that u r so into him that he tries to control u? i dont know if u have had such an encounter but if u do, i hope u can blog about it to warn all girls out there how to deal with such situations! they can be life threatening (in my case) and extreme!


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