On Board the DUKE

Crocs Singapore has a boat!
It's called the Duke. On Thursday afternoon, Captain Joe and Richard took us out for an adventure. I had a fun sailing with my good friend Bianca, and fellow bloggers- Smith, Cherie, Beatrice and Calvin Timo.

First we went to pick out our favourite pair of Crocs shoes, at the Vivocity Outlet. I was deciding between these real cute pink ballet flats with the bow and a more colourful pair.

I ended up choosing the colourful one becaue it's by far the most comfy pair of shoes I ever tried on. Plus it's the kind of casual shoes I would wear everyday with my shorts and singlet.

Bianca picked the pink wedges, she actually wanted the blue wedges first, but they sold out in her size. In the end almost all the girls ended up taking the pink wedges!! (I feel so left out... lol). The boys picked out some nice pairs from the men's range. Smith was complaining because they had Spiderman Crocs for kids but not for men. Haha...

Singapore is a great country, with every material thing you would ever need... but sometimes it's nice to just get away from it all.

The weather in Singapore has been pretty stormy lately so we had to manouver around bad weather, and rain... it was such an adventure!
Look! Half rainy, half not. Good thing we never went under any rain cloud!
Being out at sea is relaxing, and it feels so free. I want to go sailing again soon!

Ok, I'll leave you with a pic of my new favourite pair of shoes!!! It's the Melbourne Flower (in berry oyster colours) .

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