Jean Yip Hair Dressing Gave Me New Hair!

I was at Jean Yip Hair Dressing at Plaza Singapura last Thursday. Went down to get my hair permed. It's a huge place! And the staff are all very friendly, especially their manager Leslie.
After analysing my hair though, he said it wasn't advisable to perm it that day because of its condition. He used this machine which was able to magnify the hair so you can look at its condition.
I have very fine hair, and so it gets damaged very easily. Plus I've been having trouble getting rid of a bout of dandruff for some months now. Everytime I have dandruff, I can't use any conditioner because it makes my scalp worse! Dandruff shampoos are harsh on the hair too.
I wasn't surprised with what I saw. So Jean Yip is going to get my hair back in great condition first before perming it next month.
I had 2 treatments done at the same time. One was the anti-dandruff scalp treatment and the other was their new Nano Keratin treatment. First, they killed the bacteria on my scalp with electric current. It does not hurt at all, at most there is a slight tingle. Then an antisceptic lotion was applied... it felt so cool.

Then my hair was washed with a shampoo that's part of the Nano Keratin treatment. Oooh the head massage was gooood. This shampoo actually opens the hair's pores, to prepare it for absorbing the keratin in the next step.Next, my hair was coated with nano keratin. Nano meanning ultra tiny particles. Hair is made up of Keratin in the first place... so adding Keratin to hair will thicken and even repair damaged parts of the hair. This treatment makes hair less frizzy. Like the Brazilian Blow Out... but the Keratin hair treatment does not have any toxic chemicals.

After that, they used heat (flat iron) to melt the nano keratin into the hair strands. And finally sealed it with this solution. Hair feels so soft and silky! That's the Nano Keratin treatment done! Now back to treating my scalp...
A herbal anti dandruff paste was applied to my scalp, and then steamed for about 15 minutes before washing off.
Last step of the anti dandruff treatment is applying this red light onto my scalp. It heals the scalp, calms sensitive skin down, and aids the repair process.
I may not have gotten curls, but I truly felt like I was walking out of Jean Yip salon with new hair. Nothing is impossible with the kind of products and technology they have nowadays! Looking forward to getting curls next!!


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You can call: 63329919 for more info on services


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  1. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting the nano keratin treatment but the cost holds me back unless it is so worth it, then I may consider. I have dry and frizzy hair and wish to regain my previous shiny, black hair.

  2. Natural herb treatment is at it's best!


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