Sunday Lemmings

What are you Lemming for this Sunday???

Romantic florals, lucious reds and elegant party dresses are in Reflectivity's latest collection. Do check it out. I checked out their stuff during the Orchard Central bazaar (where I had my flea stalls).. they had the stall behind me. I love their stuff!
They're offering my readers 10% Discount! :) Just quote #reflectHolly in the order form under discount or vouchers.

Like my Vana Tote? It's a great size, and I love the bold colour. Quality if superb too... not plasticky. Comes with an attachable sling strap.

It's from the good people at MissyLemon.
Check out their latest instock bags... I've had a few bags from them already and I've always been very very very happy with their designs and quality.

Join their mailing list (click) and FB page (click) for latest promos and offers.

If you're lemming something sexy, there's this little black dress from Lusilala.

It's the kafele crystal dress. Looks even sexier when worn... go see the pictures.


  1. Anonymous7:32 pm

    Your tote is a complete knock-off of the Celine Luggage Tote.

    If you can't afford the real thing, don't carry the fake. It's embarrassing.

  2. Is it? Oh, I didn't notice, it has no "celine" logos or anything. To me, it's a cute green tote. :)

    I am not bothered about high end brands.. much rather spend the $ on travel

  3. Anonymous11:36 am

    Way to go,Holly!I totally feel you.I've never been into brands and I get greater satisfaction from finding great bargains that are presentable and nice to look at,rather than spending a ridiculous amount of money on so-called branded items that could be spent on nice holidays instead.So to hell with what anon 7.32 rock!now,if only other people can see that.:)


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