See You at my SALE tomorrow!!

Don't forget I'm clearing my wardrobe tomorrow (16th, 17th & 18th Sept) at Orchard Central basement 2. It's the FLEAESCAPE flea market. Look out for my stall near Medz. Literally hundreds of pieces to clear (majority at $5 or less!). I'm so excited, it's my first flea sale, but it's going to be hard work and looooong hours!! Come support me! I will be there 11am to 9pm on Friday, 1pm to about 7pm on Saturday, and 11am until I finish my stock on Sunday).

I will put status updates on my Facebook page (and maybe twitter)! If I am leaving early (can be tiring for one person to man the stall the whole day u know!), I will update on my FB wall...

I love my android, but whenever I am out, and I use my phone for the internet or for Facebook, my batteries go flat before the end of the day. But I don't have to worry about my phone running out of juice! Because I have the new portable phone chargers.
Likey me polka dot portable phone charger??? :)

I got it from . They have many colourful chargers for androids, BBs, iPhones! :) So no more flat battery worries for me ! :)


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  1. Hi, are those chargers any good? I want to buy one but wonder how long they extend your battery life for.

  2. for my Lg android.. when it's low batt, I put the charger on, leave it on... And it will give me another couple hours of usage.. till i get home.

    If you charge and leave idle.. can prob last half a day.


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