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Advertorial had it's inaugral collection launched only a couple weeks ago... but their combination of great designs and affordable prices.... mean many of their designs have already sold out. Great news is, they have new arrivals in yesterday (12th Sept)!

Their latest pieces includes wrap dresses, little black dresses, more colour blocks, maxi skirts and more unique designs.

Founded in 2010, is an online fashion retailer based in Singapore offering a wide selection of clothing & accessories. They have stuff in gorgeous black, but I love that most of their collection is in vibrant and attractive colours.

Aimed at fashion-forward 18 year olds– 30somethings, Flaunt introduces new arrivals to its web store every week, and prides itself on its quality hand-selected pieces, lovingly sourced from around the world.

Like their clothes?? Are You A Blogger??

The brand also celebrates individuality and style, showing its support for the fashion blogging community by collaborations with bloggers. If you think you’ve got style, and would like to be part of their blogger program, find out more here.Free Delivery!
Quote ‘fr33ship’ and enjoy free shipping* when you make your purchase at today.
*Terms & conditions apply.

Browse the latest collection out now at Flaunt.CC :)

Do also check out their blog for style inspiration and updates.


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