Halfway There Baby!! (My adidas challenge)

The #1 excuse for not exercising is “I don't have the time!”

It helps when I have a friend to do it with (that's Bianca!), when it's fun (that's spin class with Martin at True Fitness), when I start feeling results (that's my ass), when I have great work out gear (that's adidas!) and when I pencil in an exercise class into my schedule... just make it a small part of my weekly routine.

If you keep procratinating, then you'll never achieve anything. I am already at the halfway point to achieving my goal! It's my third week of Spin class, at True Fitness Great World City.

Yes.. the early morning slot again... I love it because it really gives my day a kick start. Plus by exercising in the morning, I set my body up to keep burning more calories throughout the day.

Now past the half way point, I'm finding it much easier to keep up in class, and my legs don't hurt as much as they used to.
At the end of the spin session, we were both drenched with sweat, and were exhausted... we really pushed ourselves to keep up. I feel like I've worked my arms and back and abs... not just my butt and legs!

Both Bianca and myself are wearing outfits from adidas women's collection. Loving the fancy designs and bright colours.
This week, I wore these black trainers instead of the bright pink adizero ones. So comfy! Lola always tries to sneak into my adidas gym bag.. hoping that I'd take her with me to True Fitness. Sorry puppy... no can do. :(

It's been enjoyable so far... but best thing about this adidas Those Who Dare Challenge has to be the results. Nothing motivates me more now than walking around and catching glimpses of my ass in the mirror (or any reflective surface!). It's looking better than before, and I'm feeling fabulous.


  1. Das ist ja eine tolle Sache. Wäre echt gut, wenn es so etaws auch hier bei uns geben würde.


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