Don't Feed Your Dead Skin to Fish!

Product Review

YUCK! It totally grosses me out when I see people sitting at spas with their feet in communal tanks full of fish picking at the skin on their feet. *vomit* I haven't got flawless feet.. but for someone who wears heels quite often, I think they're pretty good. Still, the skin can get quite rough, so it doesn't hurt to get them exfoliated every now and then!Just tried the Bamboo Vinegar & Milk exfoliating foot mask from Watsons.
Comes in little booties so you can still walk about the house while you wait the 45 mins for the stuff to soak into your feet. The solution doesn't smell the best.. smells quite herbally, but at least it is not a strong smell.

After about 45 mins, take the booties off and rinse your feet. My feet immediately feel cleaner, and brighter. The full exfoliation process is supposed to take about 5 days.... but mine didn't really flake much after the first day.

Still, the end result is pretty satisfactory. No scrubbing or Fish needed... but just natural light exfoliation. Only needs to be done every month or two.

You can try this product out, it's available at Watsons. :)