ChicksDiggs, Chicks Dig it!

Everybody wants to dress better, but few know how to go about it. It's not about spending lots of money on clothes (though that could help!). It's all about the accessories. Accessories dress up an outfit and can make a world of difference to your look. You could wear the simplest of clothes and yet look absolutely fabulous.

At ChicksDiggs, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even sunglasses are priced between $4 to $8 only :)
You will find that there's something there for every look you might want to have. I like their Eiffel Tower accessories. I would wear the Eiffel necklace with pearl stud earrings! Or the Eiffel tower earrings with a string of pearls or beads around my neck. They have a chic vintage charm.

How cute is that jumping Zebra pendant on a necklace?? Too cute! And for the hopeless romantic, I would get her the Love necklace. All under $8 of course.
I do like double rings, ChicksDiggs has this blinged out hearts connector ring that's quite exquisite. The rest of the rings in their collection are single finger ones. There are many owl inspired ones, and they have a collection of bow/ribbon rings too.

There's a charming range of bracelets. From the dainty to the chunky. My favourite is the faux pearl one with the charms on one side.

Apart from fashion accessories stated above, ChicksDiggs sells clothes, bags and hats as well!

The envelope clutch is nice. I have one in brown that I got months ago... but I just saw the Red one and it looks very stylish!!!

They have many oversized Tshirts with cute and funky prints... so in style now. Do also check out their 3/4 pants, it comes in 2 colours. I want to tone my ass first ( I start my Spin exercise regime today!) , then start getting flattering pants like those ones!!

HJ's Readers' Special Promo on Accessories and Apparel

Quote "HOLLY JEAN" when you buy 2 items, and get $1 off. If you like ChicksDiggs' facebook page you get another $1 off every 2 items! So that's $2 off!


P/s- For those who want to buy in bulk, ChicksDiggs does wholesale as well! (: