At Bubble Bar With My Cousins!

My Cousins Jess and Fel are down from Perth. :) They spent the day at Universal Studios, and then after that, I met them for cocktails and yummy bites at the Bubble Bar.

The Bubble Bar is a chillout spot on the third floor of Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort. It's an outdoor bar, great for cool relaxing evenings. It has a rather large after work crowd on weekday evenings. I think they're people who had conferences/ seminars in the hotel.
For a hotel, this place is not snooty and uptight at all.. which I like, it's somewhere on Sentosa you can kickback and relax, be very near the beach... without getting sand in your shoes.

We spent a couple of hours there, catching up on gossip.. I haven't seen them for years! By the way, they're like my baby cousins... like the youngest of the lot (there's like 13 of us... all in Perth except my own family). And now they're old enough to drink! Kind of a reminder that I am in reality a lot older than I remember. LOL!

They're loving Singapore especially the food and shopping (but not the humidity!).

There are a couple of resident peacocks which wander about :)
Food wise, they have a small selection of fingerfood... of which we tried the satay and calamari. The satay was excellent, very tender! There's 3 sticks of beef, and 3 chicken per serving. The chicken was nicer than the beef one. The calamari was crispy and not chewey. Done just the way I like it.
Try their signature cocktail. I think it's called the Secret Cosmo (ask the staff!)... like a regular cosmopolitan cocktail but this one has both pear and cranberry juice... very refreshing. Good if you love your cocktails light and fruity.
I love the service there, they're friendly and attentive even when the bar is packed. Once the after work crowd clears though, it's even cosier.

BubbleBar's website Here if you wanna check it out.

On Friday... mom's cooking crab for them. :)