All In with adidas

I did my final session of Spin class... talk about dedication to the adidas Those Who Dare Challenge, man!

It was our final spin class. Bianca and I have completed this challenge! We enjoyed every minute of it.... even the ones where we were cursing on the bikes because our leg muscles were on fire!!
But we learned never to give up, just keep our heads down, focus, and keep those legs spinning!!!

It helps to have a fun trainer who kept us motivated, and the upbeat music kept us moving.

I know that I'm much fitter than when I first started this class at the beginning of this month .. because I am not breathless, I can spin at a faster pace, and I can cope with a bigger range of tension on the bike.

By the way..... I am SO loving my fitter body! :D

Bianca and I are deciding what exercise class we could do together next... we don't want to stop here... we want to go on challenging ourselves. You should dare yourself to achieve something you've always wanted to too.

I Heart adidas! Thank you for challenging me! (and for all the fabulous workout clothes & shoes!)