Wowza! Buyza!! iPad2 Giveaways and More!

advertorial is launching on 1st September. It's a Singapore website that has vouchers and deals to all our usual favourites... stuff like Gold Class Movie tickets, Restaurant Meals, Travel Packages, Shopping Vouchers (Isetan, Capital Land, etc).Leading up to their launch on 1st September, they've been having plenty of giveaways and pre-launch deals. Of course, you can expect to get even more fabulous deals after the launch too. Sign up now, to take advantage of it.

One of their special pre-launch deals that you can start taking advantage of straight away is the Isetan Vouchers for 10cents!

Refer 5 friends, and you are entitled to buy a $5 voucher at 10Cents. Refer 20 friends, and that same 10cents gets you a $20 voucher that you can use at Isetan!

But hurry, you only have about 2 days plus to refer your friends!

iPad 2 Giveaway!!

Refer a total Of 888 Friends before 1st September 2011 (10am) and You Can Buy An Apple iPad 2 For $1!
If you don't manage to refer enough friends to secure your iPad2 at $1, don't be sad, there's still a lucky draw for it. Like their fanpage on Facebook (click here) to find out more about the lucky draw.

Yay! Buyza for bringing us such great deals!