I went Sky Diving! iFLY

I had an awesome experience indoor sky diving at iFLY on Sentosa last Friday night. The place is open from 10.30 am... but I wanted to experience the night scene. The wind tunnel (where the flights are) is transparent glass, so you can see the night skyline and Songs of the Sea fireworks as you fly (if you time it well). The usual price for an adult first timer is sgd$89. But my readers get to have it for $59! ( see end of post for details)Every beginner flier is taken through a basic training course (this is included in the price of your flight), it is about an hour long. Afterwhich, your trainer will take you to get suited up in your flight gear!You get 2 flights each lasting 45 seconds (that's about the same time as an actual sky dive off a plane). In the first flight, the trainer uses basic hand signals (taught during training) to guide you. The second flight is my favourite... because the trainer takes you on a spin.. up to 5 storeys high!!!

Check out this video of both my flights. ( The original video DVD is much clearer but I don't know how to convert the video into something I can put on youtube, so I played it on my lap top and recorded thru my camera off the screen!)

The feeling is out of this world! I am so glad I had this experience.

At the end of it all, you can get momentos of your flight such as photographs and DVDs too.
For more information on iFly Singapore, do check out their website and follow them on twitter @iflysingapore

Trust me... Flying is an awesome experience. One of my bests for the memory books. :)


SPECIAL DEAL for my Readers! :) EVERY WEDNESDAY for the month of SEPTEMBER, you can book your flight time for just $59 (usual price is $89). All you need to do is flash this blog post of mine when you purchase your flight tickets at the iFLY ticketing booth. (You can either show them this blog post via your mobile phone, or you can just print this post.

This special offer is valid for all flight times on Wednesdays (7, 14, 21, 28 Sept), but you must purchase it in person at iFLY Singapore (not online booking). You can make your booking up to 7 days in advance. So hurry, get your preferred September Wednesday slots while they're still available. :)


  1. Anonymous9:08 pm

    wow, it's actually very beautiful. The spinning one is like a dance! Your instructor is very strong to swing you around like that.

  2. Anonymous9:28 pm

    hehe, its almost like your instructor is swinging around a rag doll :) i'd love to try that! (next time i'm in sg ;) ) love that song too, btw.

  3. Wow I always love heights & certainly v tempted to do this!! Is there anything we need to take caution of?

    Yes iam sure this wil be one of life's best experiences!! ;)

  4. hmm.. no precautions thti can think of.

    It's very safe. The trainer wont let go of u in the air if ur not able to control ur movements.

    And you can't fall and hit the floor as there's a very strong net below.

    If u want to wear ur own shoes, then use close toe lace up. no heels, no sandals/slippers.
    otherwise can borrow their shoes.

    When u strap on your glasses (eyemask?? wat u call those??), make sure it's TIGHT if u wear contact lenses.

    I didn't put mine tight enough, and when I was flying, the wind kept going in a bit, i had to shut my eyes cos i scared my lenses come off! But they didn't. But just to be safe, TIGHTEN the mask.


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