Free the Fruttare !

Today was Day One of the Melt Attack happening on the lawn at Raffles Place. (That's the area just above Raffles Place MRT).

There's a hugeeee block of ice and within it is a crate of Fruttare ice cream from Walls. Once the whole block of ice melts... everyone around gets to enjoy the Fruttare for free!

If you're around the CBD area, do pop by and help to melt the ice block. You can use waterguns, and all sorts of weapons available at the booth.

It's there 24 hours, everyday until Friday! Yes... 24hours! Even if you go there at 3 in the morning, it'll be there, slowly melting away...

Today was not a very hot day... was drizzly. Hopefully tomorrow will be a scorcher! Won't belong before the block of ice melts awayyyyy!CalvinTimo was there today too. And we both did our bit to help melt the ice.Louis recommended that we use their largest water gun.I'm not a gun kinda girl.... hahaaa... and that's like a water canon! (that pic above I stole from Fruttare's FB page) The Fruttare troopers are super friendly and cheerful. The girls are so pretty and the boys look so cute in their overalls!

Everyone who goes past this ice block.. wants to have a crack at it.

This bunch of uni students had a novel way to melting the top of the ice block!

I loved seeing everyone's happy faces at this event. Go on down to do your part to help melt the ice block!

And if you can't make it down or you just want to check how things are going... how much the ice block has melted... then join the fun on the Fruttare Facebook page.

There's a facebook app (Here) on the Fruttare Facebook page which allows you to view a live web broadcast.
I just checked it out... and it looks like this right now... much smaller than this afternoon when I was there.

You can even help melt this ice block right from where you are right now. The Fruttare facebook app allows you to do this. Simply select your weapon and the Fruttare Troopers will launch your melt attack for you. Anytime of the day.
And you can see it happen LIVE thru the webcast. See... I just selected a rubber duckie attack! And there it is happening right there. Awesome!

Best part is... the more you participate, and get your friends to play too... you stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab or crates of Fruttare. Go check the app out and attack that ice block anytime of the day from now until Friday (or until the ice blocks completely melts!).


  1. Anonymous10:34 am

    Rayvin Teng!!

  2. Anonymous11:23 am

    Don't you feel old amongst the young Fruttare gals and guys?

  3. too old? Too old to visit a roadshow stationed at Raffles Place trying ato attract the adult working crowd?

    Too old to eat ice cream?

    If anyone hired u to do Branding or Marketing... they would seriously be screwed. LOL

    Thanks for today's laugh.


  4. Anonymous1:14 pm

    It finally melted on Friday afternoon. They were giving out the icecream that afternoon. I had lychee.

    I was looking for you HJ, but din manage to catch ya

  5. Anonymous11:32 pm

    I wasn't saying you're too old to participate in the roadshow but rather asking if you feel old amongst the others selected - who are very obviously much younger. Chill out and don't jump to conclusion..Life must be tough on you!

  6. whoops. sorry, misread ur comment in a hurry. apologies.

    wat do u mean "others selected" ? i wasn't selected to stand and give out ice cream at the roadshow with them. thts not my job.

    mine was media and publicity related. cover the event and tell my readers abt it :)

  7. and to aswer ur qn - no... didn't feel old la. I don't think anyone visiting this roadshow felt old because they hired undergrads to man the booths.


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