Free Crizal Lenses & Frame for My Reader

OK, it's your turn to get a pair of Crizal Lenses (plus a free frame worth up to $150)... so the total worth of the whole spectacles with your sponsored Crizal Lenses is well over $300!
I love my Crizals... watch this video I made to see why. :)

I will choose one of my readers ( I will use a randomiser to pick the winning comment!) as the winner. Closing date 14 Aug 2011.

To take part, you have to :

1. Like my Crizal Video on youtube (do subscribe to my channel if you haven't already done so!)

2. Just leave a comment at the end of this blog post using the format below:
Your comment (Youtube and/or twitter ID + Email address)

Don't stress so much about the comment ok, it's just for fun, you can just say hi, or why you want about Crizal, or talk about how you like/hate the video, etc...

Random winner (using randomiser) will be picked on August 14! Prize is for those living in Singapore only.

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VIvian said…
TheVenusBeauty and viviainism +

This is like the perfect lens for me cos I don't wear contact lens everyday and when I don't I find wearing spec so troublesome because of all the things that a normal lens can't do but Crizzal lens can!
Stafinity said…
OMG, Crizal lense! I have been procrastinating if I should get it since FOREVER. Haha

Youtube Id: Mayviss
kitina said…
i hope i win this coz i'm tired of wiping my lenses each time it gets blurry! cute video by the way :)

- kitina +
euodia said…
youtube id:euodia117
email: euodiax3@

Hello Miss holly! I would love Crizal lenses as I reaaaally need new spectacles, I've been procrastinating so long especially since my spectacle degree is super high and it's rather troublesome to find proper spectacles for me ): It would be super awesome if i got it :D

Kristian said…
I need a new pair of glasses.. mine are 3 years old. That's about it really.
Joanne said…
Tthe video of you is so cute! I wish i can have the same spec as you, and beat/fight away dirts, sunlight, rain... etc. :)

youtube id: joeannee
Ying said…
My contacts are starting to give me problems... Are Crizal lenses really that good?! I wanna try!

thesnappydresser /
EPL said…
Your video made me want to get a pair of Crizal lenses myself! Hope I have the luck to win a pair!

twitter ID: sayvalentine
Email address:
SChaeyoung said…
Name : Sara
Email :

Thankyou for the giveaway!
&I love your ad for the Crizal lenses! Really creative and fun to watch! :D Thankyou! && Goodluck!
Sherlyn said…
I always wear contacts because my spectacle lenses are always blur due to my fingerprints. =.= Hopefully I can wear glasses and not have the blur issue with the Crizal lenses.

Youtube ID: allemande.blues
Email address:
nadnut said…
Pick me! :p

youtube id: nadnut
twitter id: nadnut

Jocelyn said…
Hi Holly, I want clear glasses...stained glasses are so unglam...

(jocelyntan82 +
Gene said…
Really want to try this new lens, sick of cleaning and wiping my lens. Cute video!!!

Youtube: glitterbabyg
Anonymous said…
I dislike wearing glasses as I find it irritating to have to wipe the lenses when they get coated with smudges or dust ever so often. Hopefully Crizal lenses will be able to change that as contact lenses can get pretty uncomfortable after wearing them for a long time.

Youtube ID: iynixx
Email address:
SG_Ramon said…
Nice selling job on me! I'm going to buy some Crizals as soon as I find out I didn't win your contest! Shame you don't get commission from them :)

Twitter: SG_Ramon
Izwan Ismail said…
Narrator: Frogs! Cute Boy!
HJ: *hiakdush*

twitter: wandez
Anonymous said…
Short and straight to the point! great video!!

youtube id: sandyrous
twitter: lovesqiemail:
Snifff said…
Pick me HJ!
Been wearing glasses since i was 4!
27 now! Time for a change to Crizal lense.
Yew Hung said…
hello. saw the crizal lens adverts on buses recently, thought it'll be cool to own a pair!

youtube: whyhedge
thy said…
ha! i love your vid, its sooooo cute. the cartoons r really cute, and ur expression towards the cute guy LOL! time i get a new pair of specs too, but all the frames seemed big. is it all that size?

youtube user: xiia0jess
Anonymous said…
Hello Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me.
Lishan said…
Funny and creative video HAHA (:

Youtube ID : lishanloves
email :

Audrey Amanda said…
Hi Holly, am a fan of yours.. :)
what i need now most is a new pair of glasses.. have been wearing my glasses for like 8 years now and can't see very clearly.. Crizal i need uu!!

Twitter: snowyamanda
Youtube ID: snowangel86
Anonymous said…
Love your blog especially your insights on relationships :) really want a pair of crizals! thank you for the kind giveaway

youtube: pinksocks115
Anonymous said…
Holly, I loveeeeeee your vid! It's really original, captivating and extremely cute! Btw, you look really pretty in the vid as well and I feel that you rock the specs look really well! Not many people can actually pull off wearing specs as well as you do!

My next pair of specs will definitely be a Crizal if I don't win this contest. Your video managed to convince me. Damnnnn, Crizal should definitely pay you a million bucks for such great advertising!!!

Youtube: bhavinaaaaa
Email ad:

thanks holly ;)
Gaiana said…
would love to win the highly raved crizal lenses..!!

(elmosworldd +
Anonymous said…
thx for the giveaway!

youtube ID:shermainetn
Anonymous said…
Youtube ID: melissatyj05

Anonymous said…
I want new glasses cos - hey, we don't need reasons to want cool new stuff to wear! :)

cuixian said…
hi there, your video is cute! (scarletleaf +
Asha Ryu said…
Hi holly!!!

Visit my blog too

My youtube id : twittwitgirl
Twitter: watermelonxian
S.A.P said…
I need to change my glasses! Its been 4 years! Thanks for the giveaway Crizal and Holly =D

Youtube ID: xiaomiaolinlin
Anonymous said…
Pick me!
Tarandip said…
hello! Pretty entertaining video! :)

Youtube ID: snatchcandies
Anonymous said…
humanshieldz +

I need to see for myself what's the big deal about Crizal glasses :D
S said…
Love the video - it's funny and quirky :) Had to laugh at the way you swiped off the multitude of unwanted things away!

Youtube ID: sziasftok
Anonymous said…
i want crizal lens!
twitter id: whoatemykiwi
- said…
Youtube: smiledaphnee
Twitter: smile_daphne

Thank you holly! <3
coldkohmew said…
I hope to win crizal lens!!!

nil said…
I want crizal lens!

Youtube + twitter: tebisha86
Anonymous said…
I need crizal lens!

Youtube: cheryltham92
Email address:
Anonymous said…
Hi Holly, love your blog! I need crizal lenses because I can't stand dirt on my lenses! :)

Youtube ID: ivyteong
Felice said…
Hahaha your video was cute!

kitberry +

Anonymous said…
I want crizal lenses!

raycherz +
Valerie said…
asterweed + asterweed +

Hi Holly!

I love the video! It's so creative and funny! Love it when you smack the cute boy away! :)
misskluiiio said…
Hi Holly,

I have been a regular reader of your blog because of your funny interpretations of stuffs (that might not have been funny in the first place) that engages us. (: Love the funny video xD

YoutubeAcc: CherynWong
Anonymous said…
Hi Holly! I really want crizal glasses because i wear contacts too much and they give me infections! :( crizal lenses sound like the real deal with clarity and convenience for an active lifestyle! :)
id: viviencky
Anonymous said…
It'll be cool to own a pair! :).

Youtube username: midnightparadexD
Anonymous said…
harlow012345 +

loved the video! i laughed out loud at the end of it(:
Bella said…
tixifee +

Loved the vid!! :)
Anonymous said…
Hahahaha! That was too funny! I just saw the actual commercial last night, but I like yours better :) -- Yori38
Anonymous said…
supershoppie +

Hi HJ! I need a Crizal! Always dropping my glasses, dozing off with them on, exercising etcetc.. Probably should invest in one even if I don't win this :)
Anonymous said…
supershoppie +

Hi HJ! I need a Crizal! Always dropping my glasses, dozing off with them on, exercising etcetc.. Probably should invest in one even if I don't win this :)
Anonymous said…
supershoppie +

Hi HJ! I need a Crizal! Always dropping my glasses, dozing off with them on, exercising etcetc.. Probably should invest in one even if I don't win this :)
Anonymous said…
Crizal is awesome..

Beauty Guru said…
Love the part about no smudges and no scratches!!! Would love to have one of those...
Anonymous said…
Being a four-eyed girl for years, a good pair of spectacles is important! Crizal sounds like the perfect solution!


(Youtube id: dyumic + Email address:
Verlyn said…
My current spectacle lenses are spoilt and through the video, I can see for myself how awesome the Crizal lenses are. That's why I must win this pair of Crizal lenses and spectacle frame of my choice!

Youtube ID: luvverlynz

Email address:
ME: said…
youtube id:lindysaywat

its time to let me have total clarity when it comes to vision =))
dreamingbread said…
I love how you tossed the 'cute boy' away.. *Hiaks*
Would love to try crizal lenses to see if it truly does what it claims..

Youtube ID: dreamingbread
Hannah said…
Hi Holly,

Nice glasses ^3^

Here's the information:
Youtube: xhannahong
twitter ID: @mushroompizzas
Email address:
nata0023 said…
I have perfect eye sight, really but Crizal just makes me wanna wear a pair of specs and feel cool bout myself.
FMHFMH said…
My glasses always has scratches or watermark (not sure if it's the correct way to say it) even though i really try to maintain it. And after awhile I will be lazy and tend to toss my specs around. Wouldnt mind having a new spec too :) (okonomiyaaki +
ElianaBelinda said…

Crizal is looks awesome and fuzz free! =)
Anonymous said…
Misread romantic signals from a male friend, i guess need Crizal glasses to help me see better in future ;)

Michelle said…
Need a new pair of glasses after having mine for like 4 years! Let me see more clearly, please!

Youtube: michellejanicekaye
Anonymous said…
hi! i want to win simply because i have a old pair of specs and it's ugly! thanks!

youtube id: sonumb15
Anonymous said…
Wish me luck in this Crizal giveaway!
Youtube ID: sljslk1
Email address: sljslk[at]gmail[dot]com
Anonymous said…
my donkey pair is just as old as myself and a new one from you would be really nice!

twitter id: SoniaLST
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Hope not late!
appleberry @ twitter
Rebecca said…
i hope i win this coz i'm tired of wiping my lenses each time it is dusty!

Holly Jean said…
okay thanks for taking part. winner will be announced tonight!
Anonymous said…
I thought we r to leave a comment o. Your YouTube page at your video! Nonetheless I wanna thank you and crizal again for this awesome giveaway!

I wish to give this gift not for myself but my poor hubby whom is still wearing his old glasses which is not his new degree -__- well his degree is super high like 900 over! So changing a new specs and lenses are VERY costly :(
Plus crizal looks really good! I hope you'd pick me holly! Muakz!

nouveaudiana said…
Nice Video..wish to have this!.. Time to dump my old specs....I dreadfully need a new specs.... old specs is with scratches and vision aint clear anymore wish you would pick me...holly! I would be able to wear Crizal with confidence out no scratches no smudges and it looks gorgeous too!

Diana Gladys