Ettusais New BB Mineral Cream & Powder!!!

I've always been and still am a no fuss kind of girl when it comes to make up. Years ago, when BB creams first came into the market, I tried some... I loved that BB creams give good coverage and is simple to use... but I hated that most of them had a greyish tinge to it, and clogged my pores too :(
What I wanted was a BB cream that covered blemishes, yet had skin care properties to it. One that made my skin look soft and dewy, and not dull and ashy grey.
And now.. finally... Ettusais has its own range of BB products! And I love that the soft pink with white lace packaging design of these products match my ettusais Foundation Duo case too!

The ettusais BB Mineral Cream (sgd$38) conceals uneven skin tone, hides pores and is available in 3 shades (10, 20 & 30) to give your skin a natural, semi-matt finish. I am using shade number 30 and as you can see the cream is a beige colour, no grey blue tinge to it at all.

It contains an elastic gel which has irregularity clear powder. What this does is covers up any pores or uneven surfaces on your face. It spread on easily on my skin, not streaky or patchy on application.

You can use it on its own and the coverage is already really good. But if you do use your usual powder foundation over it, you will find that it lasts longer because this BB mineral cream enhances the adhesion between your skin and foundation. You'll also be protected all day with SPF 30 PA++.

Plus, underneath it all, your skin will be treated to skin care ingredients which constitutes 79% of this cream's content! W Super Hyaluronic Acid Complex is my favourite one... super hydrating for all skins.

It is also non-comedogenic, prevents acne bacteria, fragrance-free and allergy-tested.

The ettusais BB Mineral Powder (sgd$38) is available in 2 shades (Light Beige & Natural Beige). It gives a soft ultra-fine finish and also conceals pores and uneven skin.

You can use it on its own, but I use it as a loose powder on top of my BB Mineral Cream. Despite layering, the end result is still dewy soft, and not thick at all.

See! Very natural finish! (click to enlarge picture)

This powder is made from 3 types of powders: Baby Mineral Powder, Micro Soft Powder & Pore Gradating Mineral Powder P. This allows it to glide on, give good coverage without a thick build up. Even when I put extra layers on, it absolutely does not get cakey!

This product contains many skin care ingredients too... including sun protection SPF 16 PA++. But the key ingredient I want to highlight is the Skin Roughness Preventing Powder. This powder absorbs the Enzyme Urokinase which is produced by your skin. This enzyme is responsible for skin roughness.

These 2 new products will launch in SEPTEMBER this year. :)

BUT..... here's how you can get yours early!

Preview Party!

Date: Sunday 28 Aug

Where: ettusais @ BHG Bugis 2-5pm

At the party, ettusais' International Trainer Ms. Oki is coming to visit and share some sassy Jap tips and tricks with the new BB Mineral Cream & Mineral Powder.

Exclusive buy: At this party, you get to buy the BB Mineral Cream and/or BB Mineral Powder before the actual island wide launch, AND you’ll get a gift with purchase!
The GWP is a limited edition make up pouch. It's available in 2 colours, so you can choose either the orange or pink......and you will also get an additional Gentle Make off (30ml) or Aroma Body Wash (20ml).

However, because this is a preview launch before it actually sells at the counter, there are limited number of products available for sale, so you’ll have to RSVP . Go down to the BHG Bugis counter, or email or call 6739 8679 with your name, contact number and email address to reserve yours today.

For more info you can check the website at

Want a free sample right now?

Anytime you're at Bugis, head down to the BHG Bugis ettusais counter to collect your free BB Cream Sample just by saying “I read Holly Jean!” And the lovely ettusais counter staff will hand you your free sample anytime from now till 26 August 2011!


  1. hey holly! was just wondering, recently i got a pimple that i burst, which seem to be healing very very slowly and most prob gonna leave a bad scar. i was wondering if theres any product that can help me? im super upset everytime i walk pass something reflective now :( like maybe a scar lightener or smthing?

  2. Cute pink packaging for these new products! Is the BB Mineral Powder similar to their marshmellow powder (Can't recall it's exact name.. it's in a soft pink case which has oil-control benefits etc)?

    <3 Dee

  3. hi th-Jess - i usually use ettusais acne clear spots superior everytime i feel a pimple coming up,or when i have a pimple. It is gentle and effective.

    as for scars, I don't know of any very fast scar lightener, but I can recommend dabbing vitamin E oil straight on, I find it helps whenever I have any rash scars (i got sensitive skin).

    @Dee- I find the BB cream has better coverage than the powder tht used to come in the marshmellow pink case. Both have oil control.

  4. Grace2:24 am

    Hi Holly, I was just wondering what your mac foundation shade is (or any other foundation) because I'm having a hard time matching my nc20/25 skintone to one of the 3 BB cream shades~

  5. hi Grace, for ettusais and shiseido I always use the darkest. And when there are 2 undertones (pink and yellow/orch) I use the pink one.

    I don't use Mac... and it's been a while since I used other brands.. for DHC it's the darkest shade they have too. Usually with Japanese brands, the shades are lighter.

    Last time, with Loreal it used to be shades like natural tan.

    I think MAC has a couple more shades that are darker. So I would use a couple shades below tht


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