How To Dress For A First Date?

What should women wear on a first date? Don't just take my word for it. Hear what some of my friends and readers have to say.

Very Special Thanks to - Raphael, SK, Smith (smithankyou), Talya Stone (MsDemeanourSingapore), Jacq (theSuper-girl), and anonymous mystery man for contributing to this video log.



  1. Anonymous12:20 pm

    i look forward to the next video on bad gifts! haha. That would be a laugh!

    Mine is a parker pen from my ex bf. i dun have it anymore. yuck

  2. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Haha...the fashion advice given is sound but funny how you're giving it cos you sometimes wear really weird stuff....Case in point: Your cruise trip outfit, or should I say "costume", yes, that one where you're forever holding a glass of champagne. You dress "nautical" but going on a cruise ship doesn't mean dressing nautical or like a sailor girl...leave that for some costume look almost clownish there. You're better off wearing a simple casual dress instead of that tacky outfit with weird nails...

    And what's up with all that knock-offs? As someone who loves Pandora bracelets and actually owns real ones, it's disgusting and so cheap that you gave away fake Pandora bracelets you bought from Hong Kong....oh and your marc jacobs knock-off top and t shirts and whatnots....stop wearing fake stuff!

    Here's some fashion style advice for you:
    Don't dress tacky clothes that make you look like a clown.
    Keep your nails shorter, they're so freaking tacky cos it's too long.
    Get professional manicure cos your nail art always look so badly done and nail polish so badly painted.
    Invest in better quality clothes that's classic pieces. Blog shop stuff are fun but they do look poorly made. Buy them but get better ones too.
    Invest in a good handbag.
    Trim your hair shorter, it's way too long and cos you're Eurasian, you might end up looking Pinoy with that length. You actually pretty good with the short wig some time back.

    With that many fashion flops, you looked pretty decent when you took your previous bf to the club street restaurant. Aim for that. Too old to act cute now.

    Now you might say I'm a freaking hater, but honestly, hating aside, those are real constructive advice. You're pretty and have a decent figure, so make the best of it.

  3. I'm in the fashion biz. And though I've never been to Asia, I do like your sense of style HJ.

    There will always be nay-sayers when you're a person who takes the road less travelled.

  4. @anon 12.20- mine was a blank scrap book. but i no longer have it either!

    @anon 12.23- I should be flattered by your powers of recall (I think). I don't think you are a hater. Some of your points are even very valid. For yourself.

    But for me, I loved my sailor girl outfit at the yacht party. Yes, I could have wore a sun dress or jeans like everyone else. But I loved my top with the sailor inspired collar. Would not have changed it.

    I enjoyed giving away the pandoras I bought in the HK street market. No offence to people like you who have the original ones. They are lovely bracelets. But my readers appreciated the giveaway anyway.

    I think my nails are fine. I love doing my own nails. And i love putting pics of them on FB (for u to scoff at on your own, I suppose).

    Sorry to disappoint, but I am not likely to take any of your advice on board.

    @theshoegirl- Thanks! I love ur style too

  5. I'm not going to make a video, but just to share, my worst gift from an ex was a really badly made fake chanel bag. From China. I actually carried it a couple of times because i (thought) I loved him. YIKESSSS.

  6. Katharhs5:54 pm

    You have your own sense of style so... I don't see anything wrong with that. Everyone has their own opinions on fashion, so there's no right or wrong answer.

    As long as you're not dressing like a hooker, it's fine.

    I too, have my own sense of style. I'm a marine welder and I kind of like the tough girl de-constructed look. So mostly I pair my outfits with safety boots. I even wear floral dresses and a pair of safety boots at the bottom. So it looks like I'm ready for a battle any time. Haha!

    I also like to wear black stockings. The ones with a high denier. So if it starts to tear, usually at the crotch area, I'll just cut the stockings, melt the fibers, tie into long knots and make it into a garter belt stocking. Think resident evil extinction.

    Anyway, my belief on how to dress for first dates, is to dress like yourself. It's always good to put your best foot forward but make sure it's your own foot.

    I made a mistake when dating my first boyfriend. I dressed like a feminine lady. But the problem was, I do not have a feminine personality. I look feminine but I'm not feminine. Long story short, the relationship didn't last long.


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