Get Fruity Baby!!

Guess what I have???

Fruttare !!!

This Walls ice cream comes in fresh fruity flavours... Get fruity, refresh yourself !

The new flavours are Lychee and Grape.

Lychee is sweet, but not too sweet, it's a light burst of sweetness. Very nice.

But my favourite is Grape! Ooh! It has a more tangy burst of flavour... and grapes are my favourite currents. It just tastes so yummy and refreshing.

All Fruttares are made from real fruit juice... and you can even see the bits of fruit in your ice cream.

I love that Fruttare is light ... because I don't fancy creamy thick ice creams... I can't have much of those without feeling sick (or fat!!). I like that having Fruttare is like drinking fruit juice! Icy cold... thirst quenching... flavourful... refreshing fruit juice!

It's perfect for an after lunch dessert on hot afternoons... and even at night after a long day out.. I love curling up on the sofa, watching tv and sharing my Fruttare with my Bf.

Fruttare has a refreshing sense of humour too. Watch this video (see if you can guess what it is a spoof of??)

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  1. will u be at the roadshow? (I hope I win the Samsung!!! pick me!!!)

  2. I'll be there wednesday 1.30pm!

  3. Frank2:08 am

    Have not read your blog for a while & was shocked to read about your new r/s so soon after you broke up with another white man.

    It's your life & I do agree with moving on. What's the point of hanging on to a failed r/s? & kudos to you for having the pride & dignity of moving on, knowing that begging doesn't works. But there seems to be a pattern in your dating: the men in your life doesn't want to commit their life with you, I.e marriage & kids. You are like a bulldozer now, anxious to find any man that seems somewhat attractive & clinging on to him very quickly.

    Ask your close friends to be blunt & see if they are willing to tell you the ugly truth without sugar coating. After all, they know you best. From what I read, it seems that you are moving too quickly into new r/s without making the guy work harder for you, put in more effort for you. Usually guys don't appreciate things that come too easily to them.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents' worth of opinions. Was bored & couldn't sleep. All the best & hope your current guy is the one for you!


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