Fairebelle's Infinity Convertible Dress

Faire Belle are two French words which mean 'To Be Beautiful'. With their fashion forward collections, the apparel and accessories this blogshop brings in all have that goal in mind - To Be Beautiful.

Their latest beautiful self manufactured design is the Infinity Convertible Dress. I have one in purple-lilac and it is a great steal at $36. FaireBelle has created a desirable, comfortable and feminine piece that works day to evening. I love clothes which can make someone feel good about themselves.

These are the various ways I can wear this convertible and reversible dress... so far....

My favourite way is kimono inspired. Of course, if you turn the dress inside out, you can wear a lilac dress with dark purple accents instead.

You can wear it in a greecian halter sort of way, and if you don't wan't to wrap the straps around, you can use it like a shawl.

I came up with this low neckline and wrapped bodice style myself! I didn't see this style on their site. It looks very elegant, great for more formal dinners. The possibilities are endless... You can even play around with how the back of the dress looks.

The Infinity Dress is also available in a pink nude colour combination.

Here are some other beautiful Fairebelle gems which caught my eye...

Their latest collection 83 has many classic and dressy cuts suitable for the office. Their Cap Sleeve Pleated Work Dress is so prim and proper, and even has a stylish belted waist.
The Dressy Pleated Dress V2 is long enough for a conservative office environment, and you can throw a blazer or cardi on top of it. Yet if you're headed for an evening out after work, this dressy dress is good to go... for any occasion.

In collection 82, I love the DKNY inspired colour block dress in lime. The neutral black, and muted lime colours are off set beautifully with the bright pink panels. Beige peterpan flapped shorts. It's a cute spin off from the usual peterpan collared tops that has been in the scene for a while now.

Crochet details are in season now. This Boho Crochet Blouson in pink is very pretty!

All the above items are from Collection 82. I love the blue white striped Mango inspired dress with yellow trims!! Only limited pieces of this one left.

Their stock is limited and therefore pretty exclusive.
They also have the Miss Geeky V2 bag in a few different colours :) Oh so cute!
Like FaireBelle on FB and also find out how to win their Miss Geeky Bag.. - Here.

View all their collections- Here.


  1. Anonymous8:03 am

    the low neckline which u styled is very nice.

    But i prefer the pink colour.

  2. Hi... do u sell the convertble dress? I need 4pcs of the purple dress. can i have a quotation? snow_gal1985@yahoo.com

  3. Anonymous12:14 am

    hi.. do u sell the purple Infinity Convertible Dress?? I need 4 pcs.. can i have a quotation?



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