Sunday Lemmings- PINK edition

Pink is my colour. My wardrobe is filled with more pinks than any other colour combined. There are so many shades of pink, so you just need to pick the right shade and the right dose (whole hot pink dress or just a powder pink clutch??) for the occassion.

These are the pinks I have worn this week...

Pleated pink culottes from theblogshop. Wore this to shop for some kitchen stuff at Ikea with my bf.

---------------------------------- Tihs pink camisole is from Olette Lingerie. Their online store has just launched. :) Wore this to a dessert meet up with my girlfriend.

It's so sweet.. i wear it with denim, as a top instead of innerwear. But it also doubles as a nice camisole nightie for bed time. Women should make it a habit to sleep in nice (yet still comfy) lingerie... it feels good and sexy.

They also have a whole range of lingerie for Plus Size ladies. You can contact OletteLingerie at if you have any questions.... And you can also pop down to their home store to try on stuff.


This new pink tube dress of mine is from MillyWalker ... It's pink with light purple prints. Padded at the bust, and smocked/elastic back. The skirt is quite full... very pretty :)They have oodles of cute pink stuff .

Here's some other pink stuff that have caught my eye this week...

This sweet pink Cher Cher tote bag is from HerWondrousLabel. Was previously sold out but just recently restocked! :) Makes a very cute book bag...
And from now till the end of June, HerWondrous label is having a GSS promo. All bags listed HERE are going at $14 only! (Including the pink Cher Cher tote!)

These wellingtons are too cute! And perfect for the wet weather! I waaanttt!!


Ultra lemming- these Japanese Cat Ears! It's called Necomimi and these ears react to your emotions by reading your brainwaves. No kidding! When you're tired it will droop down. When you're paying attention to something, it will perk up... etc.

Celebrate being a girl. Love pink!


  1. Anonymous10:31 pm

    ouh, those boots are too cute!

  2. u have an idea how much those ears cost? its really cute!!!

  3. I heard (but not confirmed) it's about 80,000 yen (tht's $800 ??)

  4. Style8:47 am

    For a grown woman in her thirties, that is definitely a lot of pink. This posting seems to be written by a woman in her teenage or twenties.

    Would love to see you dress or showcase dressing with the likes of Eva mendes, Angelina Jolie, rachel Adams, hot & sultry women in their thirties looking sophisticated.

    Just my opinion & this comment is definitely not meant to piss you off, u can dress whatever way you prefer. Just thinking along the lines of celebrating being a woman, not a girl ( of cos, clothing is just 1 example, many other things to celebrate as a woman: career, kids etc etc)

  5. Anonymous11:01 am

    I agree with Style. Only kids would want a Pink Wellington Boots with animal prints.

  6. Anonymous12:28 pm

    Oh c’mon, let her be. She is Holly Jean, HAWT in her own ways, Geddit? Who cares about what other celebs wear. Or not wear.

  7. Style2:53 pm

    It's not about what celebs are wearing, more of embracing her womanhood. I cringe a little when reading this blog post of hers cos she is already in her 30s! I agree who cares about what celebs are wearing, just quoting examples of women in their thirties, hot, chic & not constantly wearing pink & lemming for stuff like pink Wellington boots with animal prints! That is something kids, teenagers want or maybe women in twenties.

    But of cos, like I said earlier, she is free to wear whatever she wants, just wanted to give some suggestions on other styles she can try instead of her usual pink stuff.

  8. I agree. It's okay to be attracted to cutesy stuff because that's natural for a woman, but to actually want to buy it and wear it is another thing altogether. The pink wellingtons is an example of something cute but gets old really fast and you'd probably just wear it ONCE OR TWICE for kicks. Why not invest in more classic looking pieces?

    The cat ears is even worse.. It's interesting but which grown woman would pay actual money to buy and wear that. It's a halloween costume at best.

  9. Anonymous10:17 pm

    I can't help noticing that you've spelled 'occasion' wrongly again! I'm obviously a fan of your blog to have realised that this is the second time you've spelled it this way.Honestly, I just love your writing and it seemed such a waste for it to be tainted by minor spelling mistakes. Hope you're not offended!:)

  10. Fash Hag12:02 pm

    Well I think people are entitled to what they like and HJ likes pink cutesy stuff instead of classy outfit.

    And I think it suits her fine because come on, she's definitely no Eva Mendes, Jolie and Rachel Adams. Don't insult these gorgeous actresses!

    I think she's better suited for having the likes of Tara Reid or Snooki as style inspirations. Maybe Krusty the Clown at times (case in note: her boat cruise outfit. It's clownish....)

    You can't turn a pig into a graceful gazelle...period.

    So I think it's totally fine she loves her pink stuff.

  11. Anonymous12:07 am

    Wahaha Fash Hag is so funny but I totally agree lah.

    Are you the same Fash Hag from the papers?


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