An Open Letter to Girls Who Wear Too Little

Dear Girl Who Wears Too Little,

I was going through some old photos yesterday, and I realised that once upon a time, in the not too distant past, I used to be you.

So today, I'm writing this open letter to all of you girls who dress with only one objective in mind- Sexy.

I used to wear the tiniest cropped tops with jeans to go clubbing. Yes I had nice abs, but wearing a top no bigger than a bra is quite frankly, disgusting. Then came the slew of backless tops in my wardrobe.. with nothing but a shoelace holding it together. And my worst mistake was wearing my tiny tops with the shortest of skirts. Disgusting.

In a strange kind of way, I wish my mother was one of those moms who was super prudish and strict about their daughter's dressing. Sure, it would be a hassle thinking of places to stash that cardigan once I'm out of the house... but at least "risque" for me then would be getting away with a spaghetti top.... and not a red bandeau which exposed the last 6 rungs of my ribcage.

And how come my friends never said anything (to my face). They still partied with me - the girl who wore too little. You know what? It's not their fault. It's not your mother's fault. It's not MTv's fault.

You have to check yourself, honey.

Are you still with me? I hope you are, because these are things I really think you should know. You are more than a pretty face and a hot body. In fact the prettiest of faces and the hottest of bodies, don't feel the need to broadcast it. They know that their attractiveness and beauty will show, and there's no need to be the girl with the tightest dress in the room in order to be the most attractive.

These are all things I've come to realise as I mature. Now, when my head turns to look at a girl who is wearing too little, it's not because I think she's oh so daring and sexy and gorgeous. (Though I bet that girl probably is deluded enough to think that)

But really, I'm thinking- Poor thing. She hasn't realised yet that being able to attract horny losers is not something to be proud of.

I don't hate you.... -because I used to be you. But I am so glad I am no longer you.

I still show skin. I'm in no way at the other extreme .. dressing like a Quaker. But when I dress up now, it's about expressing my personal style, confidence and feeling good about how I look.

So, girl, I'm not asking you not to have fun anymore. No one is expecting you to be perfect. But when you dress yourself, the Less-Is-More approach is not a sense of style. Instead, it suggests that you're that kind of girl who thinks being dumb, slutty, and drunk is the way to make a lasting impression.

If you're still not sold on the fact that dressing wearing too little is very unbecoming and desperate looking... then the only thing sadder than you right now are those girls who take photos of themselves posing suggestively with bananas. Honest truth.

Holly Jean

P/s- Go put some underwear on!


  1. Anonymous1:27 am


    nicely said.. but its just bit and parcel of life growing from a girl to a respecable lady i guess..

  2. Anonymous8:51 am

    Great post!

    Frankly, when my mum and I was watching re-runs of the show After 12 with Jamie, my mum commented that you looked cheap. Especially when you were dancing and guys were holding your back (coz you were wearing a backless top with a string holding it together).

    Im glad you have outgrown that.

    Cheers =)

  3. CeLestinA9:37 am

    Seriously, i dun tink they may nt fully understood. To them, this is the trend, this is fashion, this is HOT. Its just the process of growing.

    Some of us dressed ridiculously when we were young then. Eventually we will out grown it as we mature & as we look back, we will laugh at ourselves

    HJ, you shld include some of yr photos back then & im sure many of us can associate with u : )

  4. Hi Holly,

    I think most girls go through this phase. Especially when their parents don't nitpick at what they wear. I know my parents didnt and I used to be that girl too.

    Clubbing meant red lips, bright blue eyeshadow and an extremely tiny top for me. Friends who "advised" me, I held a personal vendetta against as being jealous of me.

    Those were my days of turning 18.6 years later, fast forward to today, it scares me to look at pictures from those days. I untag myself when mates post them on facebook.

    That said, if I never dressed that way, I wouldnt have known better today.

  5. Anonymous12:34 am

    Dear Girl Who Wears Too Little,

    Please do not listen to her. We need eye candy and please do not blame us for wanting this cheap thrill because this is how majority of us are design. It is because of this drive, our species continues to grow since the beginning of time despite diseases, natural disaster and war.For the sake of the survival of our species, please continue to keep our blood boiling.

    On behalf of majority of heterosexual men.

  6. Anonymous12:39 am

    approving comments:
    its been quite sometime since i leave a message, i recall you being more liberal letting comment past through without approval....use to respect your guts for that i guess something must had happened..its your blog, its your choice...not complaining. just curious bout the change...

  7. @anon 12.39- Which one was your initial comment?? The one made at 12.34??

    Have some patience lah, I'm not on standby online 24-7 approving comments.

    Rest assured, once I log in, I approve all comments except the Spam or if it's attacking anyone dear to me (attack me nevermind... but I don't think it's right for ppl to comment on my family/bf/friends).

  8. Yes, you tell 'em, Holly!

    The Moonberry Blog
    I'm a Top 10 Finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards 2011. Check it out! :)

  9. You can wear anything you want but just wear the all important smile :)

  10. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Dear anon 12.34,

    We term the majority of the species you belong to as Buayas and Monyets. And your kind are God's greatest challenge to us.

    On behalf of majority of heterosexual women.


  11. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Hey MB, don't troll established blogs and try to steal traffic by announcing your blog.


  12. Anonymous11:36 am

    Holly, delete that stupid MoonBerry's comment. That person is obviously using your popularity to gain an edge as the blog awards are just arounf the corner. I've no respect for such behaviour. To the others: Don't go to that blog. Don't give extra hits as that's the motive!

  13. Anonymous10:24 am

    Remember, your beautiful skin has a short expiry date. So in your youth, show it off before it becomes bean curb skin. When the painful reality sets in, in the near distant future, you can then take Holly's advice and have your body covered in banana's skin.


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