A Nice Surprise!

The Watsons courier came with my goodies!! :) Yays!

I've been waiting to try these products ever since I heard that Watsons was bringing them into Singapore. One of the brands they now have at Watsons is a huge UK brand called Superdrug. Watsons now has their new Vitamin and Supplement range.

It's priced between $9.90 to $14.90 only... which is fabulous because it's so affordable plus it's from a good brand we can trust. All of Superdrug's vitamins are free from gluten, yeast, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

In this new range, there's the Chewable Vitamin C (great for keeping colds away... and it's supposed to be good for you skin too... so I'm definitely going to start taking this one!), Calcium+Vitamin D (we need calcium to maintain bone density... the vitamin D helps the body absorb the Calcium), High-Strength Glucosamine Sulphate ( My mom takes Glucosamine regularly because it helps regenerate connective tissues so her joints don't ache as much anymore), 50+ Vitamins +Minerals (Actually, I thought I would use this multivitamins but then I realised the "50+" was referring to age, and not that it had 50+ kinds of vitamins inside. So my mom and dad will get this), and the Kids Chewable A-Z Multivitamins +Minerals.

Just out of curiosity, I chewed one of the kids multivits... I was wondering what it would taste like since there's no artificial flavours....Well... it tastes tangy sweet, when I chew it, it gets powdery, but it dissolves very fast in my mouth. Not much after taste... doesn't taste medicinal I think kids will have no problems taking this.

Another product that is now available at Watsons stores is the Beauty Buffet facial masks. It's ranked within the top 5 facial masks in Taiwan. Each pack of 5 masks retails at $7.90. These facial masks contain both moisturising and deep cleansing agents which remove trapped dirt, excess oil and dead skin. Using facial masks regularly helps refine the skin's texture and minimizes pores. I've stacked all 4 types up... so I can use a different one each day. It's really like a buffet!
I have a session with a make up artist later today... she'll be doing my make up for my next photoshoot. ( I will probably change my main blog photo...) So..for today's make up test run, I put a Apple and Evening Primrose mask on. It's supposed to repair and protect damaged skin and refine skin texture.

This sheet mask is very fine, not thick, so it sits comfortably on my skin. The essence in it is very light so it gets absorbed by my skin quite easily. I like this one! I will try another type tomorrow.

There's also the Charcoal and Cypress Oil facial mask, Vitamin C and Neroli facial mask, and the Coenzyme Q10 and Yoghurt facial mask.

Watsons Beauty Buffet facial masks are exclusively available at all Watsons stores. :)


  1. Affordable and valuable stuffs, I also bought some from guardian few weeks ago :)

  2. Ms Piggy5:53 pm

    Hey Holly

    The discount code for club couture doesn't work. I tried all arvo and its so frustrating!!

  3. Anonymous9:01 pm

    Superdrug is not a UK brand.

    Superdrug is a UK pharmacy - the equivalent of a Guardian in Singapore. And the products you have received are Superdrug's house products, the equivalent of Guardian's house products in Singapore.

  4. yup yup... uk drugstore housebrand.

    My top 2 uk favs are Boots and Superdrug. :)

    the disc code HOLLY2011 for 15% disc is for one time use only. have u used if before? if not, then drop me an email hollyjean69@gmail.com and I'll sort it out for u .


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