I Got The New Crizal Lenses!

Hello ! I am a Crizal Ambassador ! :)

I just collected my new Crizal spectacles on Sunday (yesterday). I love them! So unbelievably clear.

Crizal is the only lens that can eliminate all 5 enemies of clear vision...


Water droplets


Scratches Smudges

I went to test out the difference between normal lenses and Crizal lenses last week . Crizal Lenses have anti-static properties. Look at how the foam particles stick onto the normal lenses (left of pic) but not the Crizal ones (right side of pic).

Plus it's not reflective (cuts down glare!) and doesn't get scratched easily.

Look how much dust the normal lens has attracted! And I can see my whole reflection in it. The Crizal lens is crystal clear in comparison.

I got my pair of Crizal lenses made at IEC which is a huge spectacle store in VivoCity (#01-60).

Yvonne tested my eyes and helped me pick out a fab pair of spectacle frames. I commend her professionalism and patience, she did a great job, making my first Crizal experience a fabulous one.


Crizal invites you to see a brand-new world. For more Crizal information, visit

I'll be bringing my readers more updates about these wonderful new Crizal lenses of mine... and will give you the opportunity to win a pair for yourself! Stay tuned!


  1. Anonymous9:11 am

    hey holly. idk where else that i can comment. but just a suggestion, could you write about guys who are sensitive and guys who are wayyy too sensitive in a relationship? i am in my 3 yr relationship and my bf is a way too sensitive bf it drives me up against the wall. or have you actually wrote abt this before? lol.

  2. Anonymous9:12 am

    do you know of any places where i can get my dark eye circles gone for good? or any products that you swear by?

  3. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Can you do a write up on how to deal with TOW??

  4. ok post on sensitive guys and TheOtherWoman noted. Thanks for the suggestions.

    @anon9.12 - there is no instant miracle.. but I love the tinted eyezone color essence for a good cover up!


    they also have the massagingt eye essence, which helps with circulation.. but tht one must use religiously for good effects

  5. Anonymous2:54 pm

    Can you do a write up on how to deal with TOW??
    When faced with such situation.. How best to deal with?

  6. Anonymous6:32 pm

    My batting long eyelashes couldn't cut these lenses that's how scratch resistance they are. Good buy.

  7. kitina10:47 pm

    this is great! how much does crizal lenses cost?

  8. Its 180 $ for the lenses alone.

    check blog on 1st aug... one reader will get a pair of crizals plus frame of choice :)


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