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If you're looking for apparel for school, work and party... check out Bellezabèbè . Their clothes are very wearable, affordable and comfortable yet are designed with unique features and detailing.

Each collection has an exclusive number of pieces so they do Sell Out very fast. Only in stock items are featured on their website.

A new collection is launched every week ...
Their current collection is all about happy bright summer pieces!

The Vivianne Shorts and Kelsey Reebon Top are self-manufactured. These items are my favourites!
I love the leopard print sash and Jagged detail on the waist. Very unique.... a nice change from the usual Scallop hemline we get on most high waist shorts nowadays.
I'm wearing the Kelsey Reebon Top in hot pink. It is slightly stretchy, has a unique neckline. It goes very well with bodycon skirts. It is also available in peach and Grey. Only $20!
The ribbon design is embroidered on, and looks fabulous in the contrasting colour. As with all the stuff at Bellezabèbè, it's made of good quality material.

Also check out the Caleigh Top. This design is formal enough to be worn to the office, pair it with a pencil skirt. I love the ribbons/bows on the shoulders straps.For a romantic dinner or night about town... the Reese Rope Dress is perfect. Soft chiffon material is flowy and light, and the smallest part of your waist is nipped in with the rope design belt.

For my readers, just quote "HOLLY @ BELLE" for free normal postage. There will also be free registered mail with purchase of $65.

A little bird told me that Bellezabèbè will have accessories and even clutches very very soon. Be sure to join the mailing list on their website for more updates.

You can also get instant updates on new stock and promos via


  1. Anonymous5:35 pm

    miss the times when 80% of your content was actual topics of note, not (boringly written) advertorials :(

  2. sadie5:43 pm

    The pink top is nice HJ. I will need to look for a nice bandage skirt to go with it though.

    Have any recommendation?

  3. clubcouture still has bandage skirts in stock.

    otherwise u can check Cotton On, I saw some basic black ones there.

  4. Anonymous11:53 am

    I agree with anon 5.35pm, too many advertorials is too overwhelming for any blog reader. I understand its your source of income but its kinda getting very predictable.

    Why don't do a fashion shoot video for some of the blogshop instead of posing on pictures? You could also use readers as models maybe?

  5. Hi! I think I saw u before. At the Beerfest! =D nice to meet you! =)


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