Exclusive Finds at Luxeciel


It's amazing how Luxeciel can have launches every single week, and yet every launch has such fabulous pieces and unique designs. Look out for their range of short flirty skirts which come in so many colours. In the current launches, their cardigans are all exclusively imported from Korea. These premium quality items are made from boutique quality material and are of exquisite workmanship.
This cream crotchet skirt is also exclusively imported from Korea. I love the layering and texturing of fabrics which makes this skirt so in trend. You can wear it with just a plain top... or really dress it up with a cardigan. (Yes, that cardigan is from Korea too!)
If you prefer a long pants for work, they have the ASOS-Inspired Pleated Pants. .... and maxi dresses. The delicate chiffon material and frills around the chest makes this dress so feminine and pretty.

For a bolder and more daring look, you can always opt for colours such as hot orange and black. This is the Alyssa ¾ Maxi Dress from collection 24.

One of the more unique tube mini dress you can check out is the Alexis Champagne Dress. Interesting runching and tri-colour splashes going on. definitely for the girl who wants to turn heads.
I like their range of bags too. This Adelle Clutch/Sling bag is from Collection 23.
Don't forget to also check out their massive Clearance sale 2 (split into 5 parts - click for Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 & part 5) .

P/s- LuxeCiel is going dotcom in less than 2 weeks. But for now, you can still shop via their existing online store at luxeciel.livejournal.com