How to Spot Breast Implants

Boys... don't be so stupid!

The other day, I looked over at my (guy) friend's computer screen, and saw a FB photo of his friend. I mentioned, "fake boobs". And he was surprised and said that no, his friend's boobs were real, and he knows because she told him so, and she wouldn't lie to him.

Now, I admit, some fake boobs are so well done, it's almost impossible to tell. But from this photo we were looking at, those tits had those obviously fake orb shapes peeping out of her tanktop...

I was 90% certain from the shape of her cleavage in the photo, that those were not real. Then I said- "oh, really?" *confused* "then why are they shaped like that?"

Then he said... maybe she had them reshaped because they were so huge. (!!??) I don't know why I didn't laugh. But now that I think about it... bwahahahahahaaa.... I don't think reshaping boobs to have a fake orb like shape to them is even possible without implants. (Who in their right mind would even want such an outcome in the first place!).

There was a point in time recently where I really did a lot of research and looking because I was considering having implant.. but decided against them because I have such a boney torso... like can see my ribs... the implants would not blend well.. best if they're nestled by fats.... so they look natural... so the skinnier you are, the more your implant will have that orb shaped cleavage (just look at Victoria Beckham! She can afford top of the line surgeons and implants, yet they still look hard and fake. She's too thin that's why!)

Fake boobed people (and no boobed people like me.. haha) would kill to have fleshy soft natural cleavage.

Not that it's that important... I will probably (60% certainty at this point) one day have implants put in (after I have 2 kids... I tell myself).

I didn't pursue the fake boob issue with my friend. Anyway, I don't think he's concerned about it because (I don't think he's a boob man... otherwise he would know these things. So he's probably an ass man) and he already has a girlfriend anyway. But for the boys out there... who pick up girls in a club or are interested in a girl at work.... but you're kinda not sure about the authenticity of her boobs... today's post is on how to spot fake boobies... by looking at them.

1. They look Overly firm

Real breasts are mostly fat, which gives them a soft quality. If they look more like solid muscle, you may be in the presence of a pair of fake ones.

2. They are high up on her chest

Real breast are actually at armpit level or lower. Fake breasts tend to start higher.

3. Scars under armpits

It's the most obvious tell tale sign. But some have incisions under the breast or nipple instead... so you won't be able to tell unless already in an intimate situation with her.

4. Nipple direction

Another sign you might not get to see unless naked... but fake boobs tend to have nipple facing wierd directions... either both pointing outwards, or one high one low or one pointing up... Most people who have implants don't actually have surgery to then reposition their nipples to fit the new boob size.

5. Orb like cleavage

Her cleavage isn't seamless against her body.... fake breasts have an orb like cleavage. See the photos below .. notice the outer circles contouring the top of the breasts. It's like the "breast tissue" ends abruptly at the orbs and the upper part of the chest remains skinny/flat/boney.


  1. Some of the images you used are of real boobs!

  2. Only 1 is without implants (stated).

    The rest are implants.

    Which one are you referring to?

  3. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Your first pic which is Audrina Patridge’s. Is that before her second implants?

    She has done it twice, and I read that the seond time round, it looks too huge and fake.

    Wondering if that pic you put up is her first or second implants?

  4. Xheryl12:19 pm

    Christina Hendricks claims that she's natural though.

    But I think it's quite brash of her to try to pass off sucha sudden huge inflation of her boobs as Natural!

    Here the before after pics -

  5. Anonymous12:26 pm

    I'm not really a boobs guy; I'm an nipple guy. Oooh yeah! ;)

    But I still remember in adolescence, like all boys, I would get excited in the slight peek of boobs. But ever since my encounters with fake pairs, all excitement was lost. I felt cheated.

    Frankly, fake boobs give nothing more than nice cleavage. But when you see them bare, they look bad. Manufactured. Their shape and how they feel...urgh!

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not discriminating from encounters of just 1 pair. I've personally seen 3 such pairs! The experiences have left me more appreciative of real ones regardless of size. Nothing beats cupping real, tender ones. Especially perky ones, with small aerolas. sigh...

  6. I like it natural! Although i admit it looks nicer modelling with clothing with a fuller chest but overall, it's still better to not have a foreign object residing in your body.

  7. The important thing here is that the person is comfortable and understands the risks involved with implants. As long as that's out of the way, it doesn't matter to me. At the end of the day, he or she is still going to be basically the same person.

  8. Anonymous5:59 am

    Ok I came across this blog whilst browsing about chest exercises and I just cant let this one slide without a comment.

    I AM a woman with natural 28E boobs! (Not trying to flaunt them with that statement, just stating the facts). I wear a well shaped, supportive bra with the straps pulled short, and so I'm repeatedly mistaken for having fake boobs, and not just by men but more often by women, who being of the same sex feel more comfortable asking me about it.

    Most of these "rules" detailing how to tell fake from real have been devised by women who have no idea what it is like to have large breasts. Not that I'm knocking the author for this, since natural large breasted women are the minority and most women won't know how large natural breasts behave.

    Take it from an expert in large boob issues: There ARE women out there who have natural breasts that are high, round, firm, and offer an orb shaped cleavage, and you CAN develop them to that size long after your teens which I personally believe Christina Hendricks has.

    The author is correct that it is getting much harder to tell the difference between fake and real with the advancements in modern enhancement surgery. The author is INcorrect that the stated rules work as a method of judgement. The big question isn't "Are they fake, or real?" It's: "Why do you want to figure out fake from real in the first place?"
    What concerns me is societies unending obsession with being able to tell the difference.

    Perhaps your boyfriends friend had disfiguring breast cancer and needed implants.
    Perhaps she has low self confidence and implants were the only way to make her feel good about herself.
    Perhaps she was so embarrassed by the truth (assuming one of those is the case) that she lied about it.
    And perhaps she is telling the truth and has the unfortunate struggle that is natural large breasts.

    Whatever the reason why should it matter to you? What do you get out of pointing out to your boyfriend, and the world, what category her private parts fall into? I wonder... could it be your own insecurities?

    No person should be judged on such a personal level by how their private parts look. It's because people do this that some women feel inadequate and pursue breast enhancement in the first place, and if people were more mature and stopped judging others so much and worked a little harder on themselves then neither breast enhancement surgery, nor this blog, would exist.

  9. The way you presented the boob size is great. I am assuming that you had a breast implant and you must have natural breast enlargement for that reason you might have posted those picture for people to acknowledge.

  10. Christina Hendricks claims that she's natural though.I like it natural!


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