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Advertorial is Singapore's Largest Designer Bag Classifieds. You can sign up for free and listing your bags in the classifieds is free too.You'll get a buyer fast because the whole website focuses solely on Authentic Designer Bags only. Putting a basic ad up is free, but if you want more attention, you can pay to have your ad in the "featured bags" section.And if you're looking for your dream bag but don't want to pay retail price, this is a great place to look for it. They list everything from Prada, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga to Coach, Kate Spade and Agnes B.

The product listings are very comprehensive, important details are all clearly stated, and the photos can be magnified so you get a clear view of what's up for sale.

There is also a section where you can check out bags for rental. Rental is on a weekly basis... so why not test drive a 2 or 3 thousand dollar bag for a few weeks first.. before deciding if you would want to buy it.

Or if you just need a bag for a dressy event or party, then rent it here instead of buying.

If you have branded bags which you don't use all the time... why not list them on SgBagRental. When your bags are rented out, you earn money. This is a great way to off set the hefty price of your branded bag investment, isn't it? Great way to earn money to put towards buying a new bag too!

Apart from bags for rent, and bags for sale, there is also an exchange section. If you're tired of your bag which you've had for a while... you can always swap it with one that you have been covetting.

SgBagRental has a directory which lists all the Bag Cleaning Services in Singapore which specialises in designer bags.
Don't miss their Baggie Events section either... this is where they showcase all the upcomming Branded Bags sales in Singapore.

So whether you're looking to buy a pre-loved designer bag for less, or sell/rent your bags which are just lying around in your cupboard... do check out SgBagRental.


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