Sunday Lemmings

Congratulations Miki Teng for coming up with the name Knightmare and Faizad for the name Giddy-Up when I asked for the best race horse names. You win 15 Zouk passes each. :) ------------- I've been decked out in MGP label recently... Love their self manufactured pieces. Good quality material makes a big difference. The clothes fit well and drape nicely.

My jumpsuit and dress are from collection 85 :)

--------------------------------- Look at my loot from theblogshop! I am especially lemming my Hello Kitty oversized t-shirt... and the tulle skirt ... and studded handbag. Can't wait to wear everything! Will post the pics up on my FB wall when I wear them. Theblogshop's 3 outlets are at 35 Haji Lane, Far east plaza, and at City Plaza it's called TheWholesaleShop(3rd floor). I think someone asked me (either in the comments section or through FB/email) a week ago.. where to get cheap OPI nail polish. Well, I saw at OPI nail polishes at only $8 in stock at their City Plaza outlet... not sure if the Haji Lane or Far East outlet has them too. So super cheap! Pushcarts in the malls sell them for $20!


  1. Anonymous8:35 am

    I think the 8 bucks one are fake. Notice the difference for yourself. The smell n packaging. Slight subtle difference.

  2. hmm.. dont think it's fake... seems genuine to me.. when i compare it...

    $8 is the same as Spree price. Only diff is no need to wait for weeks since they are able to hold a big stock in their shop. :)

  3. i love your jumpsuit!

  4. Anonymous11:32 am

    U were standing in the bathtub to take the pic? Lol.

  5. Not In, ON. :) Was standing on the side of the tub. Got my BF to help me snap it while he was still getting ready. We were heading out somewhere.

  6. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Where did you get the heart shape thing on the jumpsuit from? It's cute! :)

  7. It's a collar pin.. from some charity drive.

    Think i was on Orchard rd one afternoon, then they were collecting donations. and if u give $2 (can't remember the amount), u can get the pin.

    Think it was for some heart foundation? I don't remember now.


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