Sunday Lemmings- Mad About Rings!

Winners of last week's Sunday Lemmings- Watsons Haul giveaway are - 1. summer_ying (DHC Foundation) 2. Rica (StarLash) 3. JustiniaLow (Watsons Pore Strips). Congratulations, check your emails please! This floral ring i made by me! I've had it ages, and just love how big and pretty it is. I also get most of my rings from online shops which customise rings for me, or already have a good selection of self designed/ hand made pieces. Like where I got these 2 rings from.
It's actually an individual pink ring and a clear crystal ring. Sometimes I stack both on my middle finger. They make great statement pieces. They sell these gorgeous rings individually, and also (cheaper) in stacks. (You should check out janthavenue's other accessories too)

Another of my new favourites is the mini white rose from FingerFabulous. It's small enough to be a pinky ring, and it is adjustable so I can wear it on other fingers.
This stained glass ring looks fragile, but actually it's made of metal and acrylic, not glass. Also from FingerFabulous.
This blue grey cameo ring (FingerFabulous) is for days I want to have a vintagey feel (but it's not costly!).
And for fun days, puffy rings!!! Hello cuteness!Once a girl, always a girl. I love Ballerinas!My favourite ballerina ring is one from Janthavenue. It's sparkly too. They have this design in pretty pink too.This flower ring is also from Janthavenue. Yes... I am a big fan of floral rings. I have all kinds.
I love plastic rings too... though I don't have many of them as the ones in the store are usually quite big sized!!! This one fits my middle finger perfectly, and it's one of my precious pieces (I got it from closing down sale of Watts In).

This on was sponsored by GUESS late last year. Rose gold, with black tones around the band, and a dangling star. Me loves it... I am also a fan of toe rings. This being my latest one. Whoop!

OK, as promised, it's Giveaway time again this week on Sunday Lemmings :)

I ordered this set of 3 rings, to be worn stacked on one finger. It's from ClubCouture Accessories. Unfortunately for me, I have scrawny fingers . If you have normal sized fingers, they will fit you easily. I think these are a sz 8 (meant for middle finger). So they're yours if you want them! :)

All you need to do is erm... be the first person to comment and leave an email address.


  1. Anonymous12:57 am

    Daphne tan

  2. Hi Holly Jean,

    I would love these rings:)

    Hui Jun

  3. Congrats Daphne , you're the first.
    CHeck your email now :)

    @Hui Jun - sorry babe.. ur less than 1 minute later than Daphne actually. Check ur email too anyway k. :)

  4. Does that mean im too late? :(


  6. How do u buy rings from stores/blog shops if your fingers are so skinny like mine? I can never find anything that fits me. Do you custom resize them to your size?

  7. Hey Holly,

    we might have some things you like. Check us out.


  8. Sorry everyone else, only the 1st comment gets the rings. (posting out tmrw).

    But I will be sure to organise more and more giveaways for you ! :)

    Some I order in my size ( Size 4 for my ring finger, 5 or 6 for middle finger). Best is when I get adjustable sized rings.

  9. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Hi! Hi! May I know what fonts do you use for your last picture on your post (the rings for giveaway picture)?I really want to know,they are so pretty...

  10. Tht font is "Action Jackson "


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