Sunday Lemmings: Ballerina Inspired


One more trend this Spring that is going to be fun is Ballerina Inspired dressing, thanks to the Black Swan.

Have fun with frills, ruffles, tulle and chiffon in a whole array of colours from black to pink to white. Piece together a few ballerina inspired pieces with your normal outfits to create a chic feminine look.

Look out for - leggings and delicate patterned tights, tulle skirts, soft pink knit cardigans, lacy camisoles and sheer fabrics (for layers).

Black tank and cream tutu skirt with studs from .
I know Ballerina inspired dressing go well with flat ballet pumps but I could not resist these nude heels from Xquisis ( They go well with most outfits plus... ff these heels don't elongate your legs.... then nothing will!

So damn high. I like! :) But most importantly, comfortable and stable.. thanks to the straps around the ankle. Love them. Current favourite!

Also check out the Ballerina tutu dress from, they have some nice chiffon pieces in their previous collection too.


  1. hey holly,

    i've no idea which post to comment this on so i'll comment it here. hope you don't mind.

    do you have any idea...why my bf gets a sharp pain in his tummy everytime after a BJ? i mean, he really enjoys the BJ and loves it but shortly after it's over, his tummy will hurt badly. is there a reason to this? if you do know, please advise me. thank you :)

  2. Does he get this pain when he masturbates as well? or only from BJ?

    I have never had a Bf who had this before.

    Maybe it's a muscle spasm? Cos a lot of muscles contract when we orgasm. Perhaps change position when he's receiving BJ, like if he's been standing all this while, then try lying down instead.

    As far as I know, it's not a disease or STD tht has this effect.

    If it's really bad, get him to consult a doctor k.

  3. I LOVE this!!!! so cute:)


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