Show You My Room :)

I was out with mom earlier today. I wore a green Chiffon Dress from ShopTan. I love light Spring colours! Yay Spring Summer fashion season!
I tied the sash around my waist like an obi belt... love the look, it makes my waist look smaller. They're launching a new workwear collection tomorrow (Friday). We had Nasi padang for lunch... quite yummies. Then I popped into 's outlet at CityPlaza. Not sure about the unit number, but it's on the 3rd floor, the signage says "theWholesaleShop" and if you go in and see my pics on the wall, you'll know you got the right shop lol. Sometimes, I model for them. (I don't think they open before 1pm though!)

Show you my loot when I wear the stuff this weekend.. BF and I are having a roadtrip in Malaysia.

Anyway, I'm home now, and I don't want to go anywhere because it's pissing down. So let me show you snaps of my bedroom :)

This is the view of grey from my window. By my window, there is my Bag rack. The latest addition to the bag rack is my White asymetrical zipper bag that I got from theblogshop's City Plaza outlet today. This is my sunglasses and hairband shelf. Most of my favourite sunnies are from Cotton On.

I still have not sorted out my clothes rail. Maybe next week.Will also need to sort out the clothes in my see through drawers which stack up on the other end of the wall, opposite my clothes rail. These mostly hold- tank tops, spags, tubes, underwear, bikinis, socks.

And my laundry basket is full. mofo. Maybe I will get down to doing the laundry after this blog post.
Above my laundry basket, is the wall which now houses my heels, and very small bags.
A Quick Random HELLO to Pauline who came up to me in Balestier and Wendy at the bubbletea stall under Pasir Ris Mrt yesterday. Haha... u girls were really sweet... sorry I didn't say much, was taken by surprise...

I also have a shelf for my wooly boots. I love them. I have them in brown mid length (haven't worn yet cos I bought one size too small!).. Yellow tall length (very worn)... blue Mini length (sometimes worn but too hard to match), and my favourite pink tall length WHOOGA Uggs are in the box under the blue ones. I wish it would snow :(

This is my happy memories wall.. where I stack random bits of happy shit ... like polaroids, and cute cards, and ticketstubs.
My false eyelashes (Boxes of them!), and my brushes.
Also on the same shelf are my cosmetics. Top left bin are my foundations and blusher, Bottom left bin holds my eye make up (Shadows, eyeliners, mascaras), and the bin on the right has my lippies (glosses, lipsticks, lip pencils).
When things are organised like this, I can do my make up very very quickly. I will definitely need to sort my wardrobe out because I waste so much time searching for stuff to wear!!!!

My nail stuff... I love colours!!!

p/s- u know the OPI nail polishes I said were selling for $8 at City Plaza? I went to look at them properly today, and they're not the original OPI. Sorry!! I would still use them, and not mind it though... as long as they don't charge me OPI prices, of course. The colours copy the original OPIs' range. This is my accessories shelf. My last stop before I leave my bedroom to go out. Rings, bracelets, necklaces etc. Actually, on the right hand side of this shelf is my perfume... which is also the last thing I do before I head out. But I didn't capture it in this pic. Using Lanvin's Eclat Arpege now (Whatever! don't know how to spell it ah).
This is my bed. Which is kinda like my office too.. lol. I do most of my work (blogging, writing columns, answering emails) here. I am on it right at this moment too.

But when I do head out, I often take work along with me on the go... so I can get stuff done in between meetings.. instead of heading all the way back home from town to Pasir Ris (where I live) in between appointments. That's when I find my nifty brown envelope bag handy! It's also from theblogshop's CityPlaza outlet, but I only saw a few left today.


  1. Anonymous7:54 pm

    You're so skinny you no longer have boobs...

  2. Anonymous9:16 pm

    Hi! Hi! It's nice to let us (your readers) to have a peek into your room.:) I can see that your bags are left in an open environment so will the metal parts of your bag rust?Because my bags that are left open always rust and its a heartache to just throw them away because they are so new...May I know how you keep them in a close prefect form?

  3. @anon 7.47 - Ok, if you say so.

    @anon9.16- I don't have aircon in my pink bedroom... so windows are open most times. Yet.. I don't seem to hv a problem with rust. Sometimes the metal bits get less than shiny... I just use a soft cloth and rub it.

    If u have a problem with humidity, try placing one of those "thisty hippo" stuff on your bag rack/shelf.

  4. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Thanks for your suggestion:)

  5. Anonymous12:01 am

    For the OPI nail polish! do they sell the katy perry range?

    Also is there a diff? like the original one and the one at city plaza in terms of quality?


  6. Anonymous12:30 am

    Hi Holly!
    May i know how much did u buy the envelope for? Thanks! =)

  7. Anonymous2:27 am

    Hi, would like to ask abt ur make up brushes.. it seems tat it is in the open. will it collect dust? and how often and how do u clean ur make up brushes? :) appreciate your sharing! :) Kai

  8. @anon12.21- I didn't see the Katy perry range (I maybe wrong). I haven't bought any yet. I tried it on while at the shop, and yes.. goes on smooth and the colours look solid, not watery.

    The diff is the print on the bottle is not very sharp (like my original OPIs). Other than that, I'm not sure.

    @anon12.30- it's $22 at

    @kai- yes, out in the open. I used to have a clear plastic case for the big pink blusher brush (it came with it). But found it so troublesome to keep slipping the case off and on.

    I suppose dust is everywhere (gosh... i feel so dirty now!)... I do have a habbit of blowing on my brushes and dabbing it onto a tissue before I use them. But tht's mainly to get rid of the previous product/colour tht was on the brush.

    I was them once a month at best :(

  9. oh one last qn I forgot to answer- just with normal soap and water.

    Under a running tap (I know ... damn waste water). I don't like putting them in a basin and see the water get murky.

    The soap.. I anyhow choose each time, can be my shampoo (but not the antidandruff one), or facial foaming cleanser.

  10. Anonymous12:19 pm

    why dont u publish my comment about the fake opi u recommended? i thought you are a nice person who is honest. but u are no different from other bloggers, refuse to post non=positive comments... and after u found out you marketing fake opis, u never even apologise. very dissappointed with you.. not trustworthy at all!

  11. @anon12.19- My comments are moderated by Blogger first. My blog attracts an overwhelming amount of spam.

    About 300-500 spam comments a day. That is why I have turned on the "authorization". Otherwise, my readers would be reading hundreds of spam comments before they can see a genuine comment.

    But because the spam filter is high, sometimes genuine comments get classified as Spam. I clear my spam folder everyday but I don't have time to scan through all the hundreds of spam to make sure they are just spam.

    Your IP is somehow tagged as spam by my system. I saw your latest comment just ... because it was on the first page in the spam folder (otherwise I prob wld never have seen it).

    I apologise if your previous comment was never published... it nebver reached me. Your IP is no classified as not spam. so I will not miss another of your comments.

    Please see here to look at your comment amongst my spam in the spam folder--

    Regarding the OPI nails polish at city plaza.. I said so already in this post tht I went to check it out closely and it was not original. I even said Sorry. So I just want to make it clear, tht I said all this originally in this post.. before your last comment was even made. Maybe you didnt read before you commented.


  12. Anonymous8:29 am

    do a flea soon! or do a selling post when you're free :)

  13. Anonymous4:57 pm

    I suggest adding a facebook like button for the blog!


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