My New Love

As part of my previous ettusais ambassadorship, ettusais gave me the support and resources to do something for my readers. So, I embarked on a makeover project for my readers... In May last year, I picked 3 readers to experience my life (on a good day. lol) for a day. I got them make overs, and clothes sponsors and set up a professional photo shoot for them too.

This year, it's the end of the ambassadorship, but ettusais liked my project very much and I've been rewarded for it. 2 days ago, used half of the prize money to reward myself with a new camera. I've been lemming for the white Olympus Pen for a looong time now... since the first version e-pl1 was out last year.
I seldom reward myself with expensive presents. I am the kind that keeps saving for a rainy day. But I am very happy I did. I got the new version, e-pl2.. and I am IN LOVE WITH IT! A bit bulkier than my usual point and shoot cameras. But muuuch prettier and lighter than the usual black DSLRs and SLRs. Ok... my camera skills are not so good yet. Hahaaa.... there is an auto mode that I can use... otherwise, it's damn fun toying with the apature and shutter speed and trying to get different kinds of shots.-----------------

This week in my Get Her column- Men, Women & Temptation.

And my top 5 Cheap Date Ideas. Tried and Tested many times over.. and I still think they make fabulous dates!


P/S- I have not sorted my clothes out yet... but where's a good venue for a flea sale? Am thinking of just holding one with other fashion/lifestyle bloggers. But there's no good venue I can find for us.

Unless I don't bother organising.. and I just get a spot in the scape flea mkt one of the flea days. Is that any good?


  1. It looks bigger than the Sony Nex?

  2. Anonymous11:40 pm

    May I know how much is it and where did you buy it from? (: Thanks in advance!

  3. the body is bigger than sony nex. the lens isn't.


    I bought it from Courts at $998 SGD.

    But most places sell it at the same price. Harvey Norman too.

  4. Anonymous5:02 am

    why not hold an online sale of ur clothes like what you did the previous time with cherrypop blog? =)

  5. cos I have over 100 pieces tht I wanna sell I think... a bit tedious to upload one by one.

    And then must answer emails and keep posting them out somemore.

    Am only going to let them go at $5 each. so would prefer to have a spot where everyone can come.. cash and carry... and done!

  6. CeLeStina10:32 pm

    scape flea is quite ok. though te open space can be hot! but generally sales are gd if you sell them $5 ea.

    Many of them are also selling at this price too. hence its rather competitive

    tell us when u will be tere. I wil drop by to support & say Hi : )

  7. Anonymous1:19 am

    Hey yeap, would recommend the Scape flea market because it's a real popular spot with the youth. Just my thoughts! :)

  8. Hi HJ,
    Please let us know when u will be there. So we readers can go and support. You definitely have great pieces there as u have great fashion sense. Love ur style. Scape is also a very accesible place and it's in town, so it's definitely a great venue to hold fleas :)

    Lookin forward to it.


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