For The Curious: World Penis Map

Have you seen the World Penis Map yet? Lol. (Taken from targetmaps) you can click the pic to enlarge map.
The countries in Red have the smallest penises. The Dark Green regions have the largest ones. The ones in Grey means there's not enough data.

If you go to the link, and then hover your mouse over each country on the map, it will tell you the average penis size of that country. I think India or Indonesia was the smallest (?) but I didn't click them all... maybe if you're curious enough, you can do it and let us know!

Ok to be fair.. we can't say that all the penises in each country are the same size. But it's the average size from their pool of test subjects.

But to us women, longer doesn't necessarily mean better. REALLY. Don't make me tell you my story of a guy I labeled (in my head) as "pencil dick" okay!

Let's look at another chart. This one shows you the combination of length and girth (thickness) when it comes to penis size and which combinations did women find ideal. So the red bits in the middle of the chart show you the ideal length and circumference of penises.

6.5 inch circumference ideal!? Really?

I just measured and my wrist is 5inches. I think that's a good gauge of the girth I like. lol

One thing's for sure, too thin, or too short, too long, or too thick... throw any of that in the mix and it makes for a less than satisfying penis.

But I have one more thing that matters. It used to be that I prefered circumcised penises because I thought they looked nicer, neater, cleaner. But now, I have changed my mind. Uncircumcised ones can look just as good and be just as clean.

Anyway, I digress.

What I wanted to say was- It matters if it's straight or not! It really does! Odd kinks and leans can make for a less than ideal appearance and performance. (Slight bends are fine)

Am I the only girl who thinks so?

Have I offended anyone? ... Al I wanted to do really is show you the map for a laugh... and say that size doesn't really matter as much as you guys think it does. And that's the Honest Truth.


  1. Anonymous2:11 pm

    how about women like shaved or hairy penis??

  2. You can't just mention the story and then say "DON"T MAKE ME TELL YOU...." You Need to Tell Us Now!!! :D

  3. Size totally matters but it is all about the girth.

  4. cambodia has the smallest one. =X

  5. Now they know where to sell the penis pump

  6. Anonymous2:25 pm

    I had enough experience with men to know that when a cock is too big and too thick, it's not a pleasant combination. Plus, he tends to be selfish and likes to please himself cuz he thinks having a big cock is good enough for him! Pfft. I don't get why guys think it's soooo awesome to have cocks that are too big. Too much of a good thing is sometimes bad..

    My fave combination would be 6-7 inches, and 5.5 inches thick, which is like the size of my wrist. Other than that, I like it to be 'veiny'? lol. I wonder if you feel the same way about it, HJ. If it's too smooth and 'perfect', it's just not sexy enough for me! haha.

    Love this post. :)

  7. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Actually it is better when it curves towards the belly (massages the G Spot).

    And they forgot to mention hardness... Hardness is so much more important that size. Average length and girth but being rock hard feels the best. Big ones are seldom very hard and a little floppy. And people who smoke, drink or are unfit are also floppy.

    And cut ones are still the best in my opinion. Unless you shower before sex, uncut ones almost always smells a little off, even if the owner is scrupulous in his cleaning practices.

  8. Anonymous6:37 pm

    1 vote for trimmed or shaved. Wild is just freaky. Collects all that sweat, especially in this weather.

  9. @anon2.11- No.. not shaved .. On my man, I prefer it trimmed down.

    @Kuen- nothing lah. This guy .. eons ago. Super good looking. Son of someone who has a global business which deals with erm... a pershiable product... (can't reveal too much lah).

    Anyway, he turned out to be ok length.. but so incredibly slim, it looked like a pencil. HONEST!

    @stasha- YES. girth is important.But thick and short doesn;t work too well either. :)

    @ais- Haha.. thanks for checking tht out. =X

    @anon2.25- yes, Baby's arms! Worse still.. baby's arm holding an apple. So distressing really. haha.

    btw, I don't mind it smooth, though I agree that veins throbbing down it is sexy.

    @anon6.33- I supposed it works for some. but I didn't like it. hurties.

    And yes. I can't believe i forgot to mention HARDNESS.

  10. Anonymous10:26 pm

    its korea not cambodia


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