DHC Haul

Watsons has the New DHC Coloured Makeup range and DHC Platinum White Base Makeup range now.

In the DHC Platinum White Base Makeup range, there's the - DHC Platinum White Color Base (SG$34.90), DHC Platinum White Liquid Foundation (SG$40.40) and DHC Platinum Lasting White Powdery Foundation (SG$55.50/ refill SG$31.50).
The DHC colored makeup range consists of the DHC Eye Shadow Palette (SG$31.90), DHC Moisture Care Lip Stick (SG$34.50) and DHC Moisture Care Liquid Lip Color (SG$34.50).

Check out this video to see my haul and for a quick review...

I got so many lovely DHC goodies. I can't possibly use them myself. Want to share them? I'll pick a few readers to try some of these goodies out with me. All you need to do is Subscribe to my Youtube Channel. And then drop a quick email to hollyjean69@gmail.com stating " DHC Giveaway + your Youtube UserID/Name" in the subject line.

Closes on May 8th! I'll announce the 2 winners on my blog on the 9th.