Top & Bottom False Lash Tutorial (plus Loreal giveaway)

P/s- Do you like my ring in this video?

In this video: My make up base is Shiseido White Lucent base in pink, White Lucent foundation. Eyebrow pencil in dark brown from ettusais. Lip essence from ettusais. Cheek colour is a cheapie one from Rhomlon (I got it for like $4.90 from Aries).

I use the Star Lash glue (less than $5 from Watsons) which is very good. Another glue which I used to use is a fabulous one from SaSa, costs about $10 a bottle ( I can't remember exact price), I don't know the name, as it's all in Japanese. It's an opaque white conical shaped bottle.

I used some of the new Loreal eye make up products in the tutorial too. Thank you kinda people at Loreal! :) Super Love the Loreal Curl Impact Collagene mascara. The Loreal OpenEyesPro pallette in smokey brown is what I used in this video, nice range of shades to create a smokey eye effect.


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  1. Anonymous4:43 pm

    where did u buy the lash applicator tools?

  2. holly, i tried to enter the clubcouture code that you gave, [hollyjean10] right? it says invalid code...

  3. Those clippy things were from SASA. But u can get similar plastic clips like those, but in pink colour, at Watsons (under the brand Starlash).

    I love them.. Makes application SOOOO much easier.

    @th-jess- 15%discount code is --- HOLLY2011

  4. Anonymous6:02 pm

    What brand of eyelashes are you using? I tried many brands but most were too dramatic and unnatural.

  5. For this tutorial.. i bought the lashes from SaSa. It's a clear plastic box with pink designs. All japanese words, so I can't tell u the brand. It has 6 pairs inside for $4.90. The ones i have are design number 703.

    I am not particular about the brand.. I usually buy whatever is cheap or has a good deal.

    Think it's important to look at the design/pattern. I like short but crisscross patterned lashes for a natural look.

  6. worried girl2:04 am

    hi holly, i have only just recently found your blog, and i've been reading alot into your past posts, and i happen to read about your post on brazillian waxing, and would like to ask you some qns as i've never had a b.wax before and i feel like trying, but i'm worried. =X

    the thing is, is it true that after waxing for a long period of time, the hair would get thinner and thinner? and would the skin like kind of sag or become flabby after all those ripping? and one more concern is if pigmentation would happen? like, would the area be like, darker in colour than the rest of the skin?

    so sorry if this is the wrong place to post my qns at, but i sincerely hope to get a response from you. :)

  7. hey worried girl...

    - the hair growth will slow down after repeated waxing, and get a little bit finer too.

    - Skin won't sag. :) not in my experience at least. Skin will sag with age and decrease in elasticity ... but waxing isn't as "repeated" to the point where it might cause sagging (eg. daily basis or something).

    - Some ppl hv pigmentation in the armpit area and crotch. But tht's not because of waxing. It's because of constant friction (skin rubbing against skin or clothes). If u wax all ur hair off, and ur skin is prone to pigmentation, then I guess tht's the way it is (not curable, and u cannot scrub it off.) But not every one gets hyperpigmentation.

    If u want to wax for the first time, I recommend my friend Kerry from :) She's very patient and gentle, good for first timers. And she'll be able to answer ur qns better than i can.


  8. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Hi Holly, it was thru reading your b.wax posts I plucked up the courage to go for one and like you said- once you start you'll never look back.

    Hey worried girl, go for it, you won't regret. Your bf will love it too ;)

  9. worried girl12:04 am

    hey holly, thank you so much for your quick reply and informative answers. i'm really thinking of trying now! =D if i do, i'll be sure to go to kerry as you've recommended! :)

    anonymous - i'm seriously considering it now! just really need to pluck up that courage of mine to go do it! ;)

  10. Anonymous10:37 pm

    thnk u for ur video, well done n informative, juz wat is needed. tx


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