Steven Lim is Attached!?

I'm sorry, I just HAD to use this picture! Haha (ironic choice of picture too... considering that I myself have dated men almost 20 years older than me, in the past).

But all joking aside, I'm sure many of you know by now that the notorious Steven Lim is dating a 16 year old girl.

After I was his test date, while he was going through training from a dating coach (watch it here), I thought he was FAR from being able to score with any girl. But lo and behold... our gutsy friend Steven Lim has shocked us again.

He's got himself a girlfriend who is less than half his age.

Click here for my interview with him as I curiously find out How he managed to hook his Gf. :)


  1. Anonymous7:15 pm

    hahaha super gross la steven lim. his level of delusion is astounding

  2. Anonymous3:21 am

    what's your race holly? Malay? Chinese?

  3. you must be new here. Welcome welcome.

    i am eurasian

  4. Anonymous4:29 pm

    How many languages do you speak?

  5. fluently, only one - english.

    but i do understand mandarin and malay.

  6. OMG. So you are partially responsible for these..... how could you? She is still so young..... that poor gal.


  7. Anonymous8:04 pm

    *gag* steven oh steven, couldn't you find someone closer to your own age? oh wait, that's cos they're older and mature enough to know that you don't make any sense. and No!! stay the hell away from my eyebrows!


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