Review: DHC's 4 Simple Steps

As some of you may have noticed, I'm no longer an ettusais ambassador this year. It has been a fabulous 2 years as their ambassador, and I sharing my favourite ettusais products with you.

This year, I will still share with you reviews on new ettusais products (I especially love their make up!), but I will also review all other brands frequently as well. This way, you can look forward to a wide variety of beauty reviews. I have added a new category in the left side bar, called "Product Reviews". This is where you will find all product reviews from now on. If you want to look up previous reviews on ettusais products, you can click on the "I Love Ettusais" category instead.

Today's review is on DHC's Olive Essentials Series - 4 Simple Steps ( From Watsons).

I tested out the trial set/starter kit. The key ingredient in the Olive Essentials series is, obviously, olives. I am all for natural ingredients... they're less harsh on skin. The thing I usually hate about olive products is the smell. But none of the items in this series stink of olives. Promise.
Step 1 is the Deep Cleansing Oil.
Pros: Light texture. Easy to massage onto face ( and remove make up/sunscreen/dirt). Massage it in for about 30 seconds, and you will find your pores much less clogged up! Truly a deep cleanser. And because it's an olive oil based deep cleanser, the deep cleansing does not leave your face stripped of moisture.

Cons: Really, None in my opinion.
Step 2: The Mild Soap

Pros: Creating a foamy lather is good for cleansing, the foam is supposed to be non-abrasive and gentle on your face ( I learnt this back when I used ettusais's cleansing bar).

Cons: I have sensitive skin. Found this mild soap not that mild... so I cannot leave it on my skin long... just spread the foam on face a few seconds, and must splash off with water. If I work the foam into my skin, it starts to sting a little.

Step 3: Mild Lotion

Pros: This toner is alcohold free. Does make my skin feel refreshed.

Cons: None.Step 4: DHC Olive Virgin Oil

(Do not rub in this oil. Just spread it over your palms, and then dab on to your face)

Pros: Made from hand-picked organic spanish olives. It's a 100% natural beauty oil. I am in love with this product. Reminds me of the Egyptian Magic I tried out late last year as they are both oil based and very moisturising. However, Egyptian Magic was much thicker and took MUCH longer to absorb (I can only use at night, too oily for day)... plus not sold in Singapore ( so I have to buy and get it sent to me).

I love DHC's Olive Virgin Oil. Multi-purpose...You can also dab it onto pimples. And use it on the ends of your hair too.

Cons: Price. Well, a full size bottle is 70plus. I guess you pay that price for 100% best natural ingredients. But you only need one drop each time you moisturise. So one bottle will last for months.

Verdict: This range does not make my (naturally/usually dry) skin flake or feel tight so it's definitely moisturising enough. And my skin feels supple after using it too. My skin absorbed the goodness of these products easily. In my opinion, it's a pretty good basic no frills sort of set.


  1. Anonymous10:05 am

    curious why u stopped being ettusais' ambassador?

  2. :)I want to be able to branch out and cover other brands, and not loimit myself to one beauty brand. Hence did not continue another year.

    Will still have a close working relationship with them, and try out their new launches and share with my readers. Just not in the role as an ambassador.


    Next review coming up is a new range from Shiseido! Stay tuned


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