My Date With Steven Lim

Thanks @Nadhirah for sending me this newspaper clipping. Can someone translate for me?
SinGuySinGirl has a webcast going on now... all episodes on dating and relationships. Hosted by Hock Chuan from and with advice from Violet Lim from Lunch Actually (a dating agency).

Hock Chuan, whom I have known for a couple of years now, rang me one day wanting to set me up on a date. This was back in early January this year.
But the best part, I soon found out... was that the date was with Steven Lim. (har har har) We all know him and his neon yellow underwear (think he flashed it at the Singapore Idol auditions once too!).Click Here to watch the videos to see how the date went.
All in all... I was pleasantly surprised. Steven has such a bad reputation, but in reality, he is really a very nice guy. He tries very hard (sometimes too hard) but he is not a vindictive or malicious person (unlike some others out there!). I'm sure pretty soon, he'll find someone who finds all of his quirks endearing.

But for us, it didn't go beyond that first date. So, no, my current secret BF from the past is not Steven Lim.
On a side note, I'm getting my angel cards read (show u the video soon!) and then having coffee with my (new but real one) BF's mom later today.

P/s- Don't say I never date Asian men ah!!! :P
P/s again- The dress I wore on this date is a monochrome floral one from ClubCouture.


  1. Anonymous1:31 am

    while that may be true, holly, he is still an attention whore, one who insists on grossing all of us out, so oh well, too bad, i guess he does deserve his bad reputation.

    besides it's not like anyone said he's mean or anything, he's just.. gross.

  2. hey holly, i remember u mentioning the angel cards in your old post, but i couldnt find it. just wondering where do you get it read and how much does it roughly cost? i'm quite interested in getting mine read too...

  3. Anonymous3:49 am

    You are really nice person heeheehee

  4. CeLestinA9:57 am

    BTW i have read yest on papers that Steven lim is currently having a 16 year old gal fren!

    Te papers also mentioned he brag about it in twitter & got bombarded badly :D

  5. A not-so-perfect translation from the newspaper:

    The first step to dating is asking someone you are interested in out for a meal. Singles out there would find this a great opportunity to understand each other more.

    Hence, the first impression you gave to your partner on first date is very crucial. There are a few dating taboos that one should keep in mind.

    Today, Singuy and Singirl posted a new episode on their website to teach the guys on what they should or should not do to score on their first date.

    Setting up a real date scenario

    OMY gave the dating guru Violet a very challenging client – The wacky blogger Steven Lim as a negative example of the first date!

    In order for the case to be a success, Violet helped put together the most primp and proper attire and offered advices for Steven Lim, but her efforts were made futile upon entering the restaurant to meet Blogger Holly Jean. Steven Lim also made many dating taboos!

    During the entire dating scenario, not only did Steven Lim attempt to flaunt his singing skills, he pulled out weird actions which was an embarrassing moment for Holly. Additionally, he asked about Holly’s past relationships and her weight. Hell was unleashed again as Steven Lim answered a phone call in front of her, causing a total neglect to Holly.

  6. S.A.P4:46 pm

    Hi Holly,

    I think you are very brave.. If it was me, i would have take a U turn n head home when i saw steven..

  7. @Valerie

    Shucks! That's why i'm stuck single!!

  8. Steven is just a harmless wannabe. I think his somewhat inappropriate acts are deliberate. He just wants to raise eyebrows and as a clown, I think he works for me.

  9. After watching the video, i have found so much respect for you.

    I felt you had great EQ and tact in many of those (awkward) situations!

  10. Holly!You rock. You are so so nice towards Steven despite his weird behaviours. awesome!

  11. Jiawei2:16 pm


    Its nice of you to have the kindness to finish the date, though I felt that it might be a nightmare for you. Nevertheless, you gave some single guys out there some good advices.


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