How Steven Lim Got His Girl (Re-post)

This is a re-post. I published the original interview on my GET HER column of the NSportal. But someone emailed them to complain, so the interview was pulled off the column. Kwa kwa kwaaaaa (Content was too controversial for them... not sure why... not as if the girl is underaged or what. Never realised that dating with a large age gap was that taboo. Oh well.).

Some people have emailed me to ask where the interview went, how come it's deleted... so I am reposting it here, for archiving purposes. For those who haven't read it or want to re-read it, you can access it here. :)
Hi Steven! Just 2 months ago I had a date with you and you were single... now suddenly you are happily attached! When did that happen?

Steven: Hi Holly! So nice of you to invite me to this interview! I still remembered that sweet sweet date with you. I simply cant forget your smile and cute face. I was single then but after I found out that you already attached. I got so depressed, and vowed to get someone better than you. I went thru difficult times...

I heard that she's a sweet young thing right? How old is she? How old are you?

Steven: She is not only sweet, but very young too. She always feeds me food n hugs me right. She is coming 17 this year and I turning 35.

How did you guys meet?

Steven: She added me in facebook maybe she knows I m a well known celebrity in Singapore. And we chatted in MSN & the phone for a few days, and I asked her to go steady with me, and she agreed.

I think many guys out there would be impressed that you managed to hook a much younger and pretty girlfriend. Care to share some tips on how you attract such girls?

Steven: I really think my gf is attracted to my music videos and naturally born good looks and height (1.81m). (She always praise that I m very handsome) She gets to be entertained by me most of the time. Lol! But really, I think it is the charm that attracts anyone. You dun have to be really handsome or goodlooking with nice features, if you are charming, any guys who looks like dogs, still will become Prince Charming to that special someone. Charm comes from confidence. If you think that you are handsome, you will be charming. If a girl clearly states that she wun make you her boyfriend, just move on...there are millions others out there.

Is she the youngest GF you had so far?

Steven: She gonna be my largest age gap girlfriend so far. 18 years difference. My last next largest is only 12 years difference. Actually age is just a number, me and her are getting along well. I can be quite kiddish sometimes.And she is very matured in thinking.

What is the best part about having a young girlfriend?

Steven: It got to be the amount of attention I get from the public. The attention is so overwhelming and the pride that someone of my age can get a girl so youthful, I must be real good and of high quality to attract her. They must be thinking also," Wow. that girl so lucky to have gorgeous Steven Lim to be her boyfriend." When I thought of this, I will giggle abit to myself secretly...Kekeke...

What do you usually do on dates with her?

Steven: I will bring her to restaurants, cinema to watch movies and she always love to eat ice creams. The location is not a issue as the main aim is to spend time together. I am a very passionate guy... I hug my girlfriend anywhere and she always melts in my arms..I kiss her right too! But I totally hate french kisses...Eekk... I was forced to french kiss before and I will rinse my mouth infront of my previous gf.

Did the dating lesson from our date (SinGuy SinGirl) help you?

Steven: It helps me alot and was a great experience.. Violet, the CEO of Lunch Actually gives me so many pointers that I have missed out before on dates...I thought that I am already good, but Violet simply perfect me on handling dates.

If there's one thing you could change about your current GF, what would it be?

Steven: She got lots of close guys friends, even more than her female friends and she enjoys chatting with strangers in facebook and making new friends. Er..I dun really like it...You can call me a MCP, but I will get jealous and insecured at times.

If there's one thing you could change about yourself, what would that be?

Steven: I really hope that I am not so handsome and attractive. People think that I m just an empty vase or a himbo, but deep down within, I m just a kind hearted guy that always donate money to tissue papers aunties. I cried at every sad movies. People should look past my pretty face and see what is inside me, a sensitive new age guy (SNAG).. =)

Any last words to those out there who crticised you because you date a much younger girl?

Steven: Love is a very strange thing. People almost turn blind when they fall in love. Sometimes when your destined one really comes along, do not avoid or defy it. Embrace it...Love her/him with all your heart, be faithful and be truthful to her even the whole relationship does not work out.. Finally, even though Holly and Steven in the end never gets togther, I really have to thank Holly for being so beautiful and hot. Global warming must be caused by you! =P I love you guys! Kiss kiss..!


  1. "
    Steven: She got lots of close guys friends, even more than her female friends and she enjoys chatting with strangers in facebook and making new friends. Er..I dun really like it...You can call me a MCP, but I will get jealous and insecured at times."

    RED ALERT RED ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hate such guys! They will totally engulf you and isolate you from all friends. Possessive and crazy.

  2. Anonymous11:18 pm

    this is delusional


  3. Anonymous1:32 am

    Honestly, if it isn't an act, I can't help but smile and shovel-mail this fellah a healthy dose of respect.

    It's rare that we meet people who have a genuine wellspring of self-respect (and confidence).

  4. Anonymous7:03 am

    the girl confirm get fuck by steven lots lots of time.

  5. Anonymous8:28 am

    Get Fuck? People don't even do FRENCH KISS leh. Said is DISGUSTING! Haha..

    I think he the type who don't even do oral sex de.

    Anyway, I know this girl. go to PCsec with me. She's not so innocent as you thought la.

    Its Steven kana fuck.

  6. Anonymous4:52 pm

    it super disgusting...

  7. Anonymous5:37 pm

    What a poor misguided little girl. She's practically a child, she's sixteen for God's sake. How disgusting. He should not be proud to have manipulated a vunrable young girl, he should be ashamed of himself.

    There is a limit on age gaps. I don't mind age gaps as long as they are between two adults. She is a child. That's why it's taboo. He's not a pedophile but certainly taking advantage of a young girl for his own sick pride.

    Would you be happy with your 16 year old sister dating a 35 year old man?

  8. Anonymous2:21 pm

    Somehow when i was watching Shutter Island last night i thought of him.

  9. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Steven is disgusting.

  10. Anonymous3:59 pm


    I LOVE the "Shutter Island" comment!! LOL!! THIS POST FREAKED PPL OUT!!
    "really hope that I am not so handsome and attractive" = GROSS!!

  11. Anonymous12:22 pm

    Whoa, cocky as hell man.

  12. Anonymous2:53 am

    i promise not to follow steven lim anymore and take delight in his delusions. After some time it becomes disturbing. I promise to try read a journal related to my work, or take a walk and self reflect or meet a friend, and do other things that will make me feel better.

  13. Anonymous7:37 pm

    This guy is fucking retarded

  14. Anonymous5:13 pm

    ...still a better love story than Twilight

  15. Anonymous6:06 pm

    Holly! I just puked after reading

  16. Anonymous1:05 pm

    wide nose, big nostril, big head, oily sweaty face, big wide mouth.
    these are not a nice facial features. why he dont get it?


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